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“Multiple injured” in US school shooting

Multiple people have been injured in a shooting at a high school in the United States.
Santa Fe High School in Texas went into lockdown when the alarm was raised.…

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    Here we go again 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  2. Yet another fake ass government staged school shooting hoax only shows how desperate the government is getting to push their gun control narrative….I gaurantee you will not see these frauds in the ss death index…

  3. American society is in crisis. When guns are prohibited, the crisis will remain. Probably get much worse.

  4. Speechless… just ban the firearms already USA We are the greatest country they say and yet they let this happen

  5. in the last 400 years we had one shooting like this in peace time in my country… but that again, I live in a real democracy..that's probably why..

  6. The euro trash will being crying about what is going on in America as their countries are handed over to immigrants. Not facing your own problems is as good as it gets in europe anymore.

  7. Sorry to say As you sow so  shall you reap .Innocent Palestenian Children are killed by terrorist Israeli forces after Terrorist Trump moves Embassy  and Innocent American Chidren will be killed by terrorist in your backyard in the same MANNER ALLAH U AKBER.And the  BIG NEWS  is it will INCREASE

  8. Another fake shooting! Is there an election coming up? Or are they trying to hide something else they did?

  9. Don't you Americans know that nobody gets killed in other countries? Europe, Canada and Australia are completely crime free utopias.

  10. It has literally been years since a school shooting over here in England, do you know why? Because we banned guns to the public!

    EDIT: Our last school shooting was in 1996.

  11. Nah, this is America, the NRA said over their dead body if taking gun away, cilvilian can wear guns on the street like army, you play, you pay. Even 200 killed in mass shooting the NRA dnt give a rat. The US solution?, is to arm everyone so they can shoot back, that is what trump pushing for, great for business, soon they will sell more guns, armour cars, protection gears, security, body guard, bullet proofing will be the major theme, everyone is an expert shooter, they will get gold medal for shooting competition in Olympic, soon American will export Sniper all over the world, environment where expert craftsman’s are created. Soon the whole world will follow the us lead. They say only crazy ppl doing mass shooting, yes that is true every body knew that even kids know that, so they want to invent a machine to detect crazy people? no other alternative?, the rest of the world has no gun like US, and they playing with something else, no one complaining either, because THEY CARE FOR THEIR FELLOW citizen, giving up gun is just a small sacrifice, get it?.

  12. Who bloody cares what gets shot when every bugger can own a gun, especially the disconnected & disturbed. How many times do we need to tell the President that a $15,000 fine carrying any gun unless in Law Enforcement, Security, Rangers or Farmers. Stuff the American Amendments down the sewerage where they come from.

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