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msnbc news on Anonymous Operation Payback [Mirror]

Report on Anonymous Operation Payback.

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  1. I'm so fucking happy he didn't say hacked mastercard, crashed. Every other idiot who reported this claimed that they hacked all these websites.

    Alas, I love when they add memes into the videos and the announcers don't even understand lmao

    Then the anon spin on the Mastercard catch phrase.

  2. @Platemaster Yeah it does, but it's propaganda that makes it seem alot worse than it is.

    Itll make people have sympathy for MS and Visa

  3. Hackers, are the last Free men… they are the only who can obtain truths that are hidden from the general public. Government agents and companies fight for an invented and legitimated sense of identity and nationalism, while hackers fight for freedom of the planed control of the internet by powers behind Corporations which control governments through financiation and other manipulative methods.

  4. *epic facepalm* This does one thing. It justifies the Senate AND Congress to pass COICA and take away the rights of all people here. The Pirate Party urged you all to stand down and debate this… And yet you fight like children! You had the attention of the world, and yet you fight with DDoS and not your heads! Now, the US has an even more tyrannical government in tow to come after you all. I'm sorely disappointed that it's come to this. Good luck and God speed Anonymous.

  5. @VohnExel Yeah, y'know onanism + anonymous. It's when a man pulls out of a woman during sex but she doesn't know who he is.

  6. @Jyagos1 That bill has nothing to do with any of this, and so far I don't think its power has been exercised in any way over this matter.

  7. I support Anonymous. I think what they're doing is great, they're standing up for Wikileaks, which some talking heads are comparing to terrorist…. Really? That's how stupid some of our leaders are, they're terrified of information on what THEY DID. I hope Anonymous strikes the Fed Reserve, i hope they cripple them and the rest of of the Big Money Cartels that use money , our money, to buy policy that favors them. They're money sucking whores who deserve nothing more than a prison cell. Fuck em

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