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Mother slams CNN’s pot-infused New Year’s segment

On ‘The Ingraham Angle,’ a mother who lost her daughter to a driver high on marijuana speaks about the coverage.

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  1. Oh get the hell over it!! Every single one of you idiots over at Fox seriously need to get high!! I don't get high but, who gives a shit!!! It was NEW YEARS EVE!!! GET OVER IT!! You people need to CHILL!!!

  2. CNN gives POT, a bad name…
    POT issued a statement earlier today, saying that POT has not colluded with or condoned anything CNN says or does.

  3. So you don't support rich entities when they like pot but all for them when they support war, imprisonment, buying off politicians, keeping wages low, building a useless walls, taking away health care for millions and making the poor pay more I taxes so these same can get huge tax breaks… interesting.

  4. Many conservatives are wrong on marijuana. Come on guys and look up both the medical and recreational benefits of cannabis and realize the deadly toxic drug named alcohol is regulated and taxed and sold EVERYWHERE to adults and that is fine.

  5. Where are the mothers who lost children killed by Alcohol?…..Where are the mothers who lost children to big Phrama?….Where are the mothers who lost children to drownings in bathtubs?…Lets ban everything….Fox "news" is the BIGGEST snowflakes out there….That person broke the a being impaired, why should my freedom suffer? If this was guns (I'm pro gun) Fox "news" would be saying "Deal with the individual, don't take freedom away from everyone"!

  6. For everyone who said the drug isn't harmful, not addictive, or whatnot. For all you casual users, go without it for a year. If it truly isn't addictive, or anything, then this should be no problem (and before all the idiots post, no I'm not talking about medical use).

  7. If you drink alcohol you have no right to whine & complain about weed. As a matter of fact you are drinking a way worse drug that will make you look old & wrinkled & kill you someday or someone else.

  8. Literally just some adults having a good time. They rode a bus to a place to smoke and paint pictures. No violence. No one got harmed. No overdoses. No dui crashes. Yet, people still find something to bitch about. Like holy shit. How many people die from just consumption of alcohol a year? A few thousand? But thats okay, I'm sure these fox news anchors went home and had them some drinks after work.

  9. but I'll bet anything if that reporter was @ a bar pounding down alcohol..all these "anti pot" people wouldn't of complained, maybe next time a news station does a story on booze..I will whine about how "offended" I am..since I lost 1 family member to a drunk driver and a another due to complications of alcohol. I have seen countless amounts of people at bars assaulting one another over something stupid, not once at a pot bar have I seen people people getting kicked out for fighting. I would much rather be around a bunch of happy, mellow, potheads..instead of being around a bunch of nasty drunks who want to fight for no reason. Cannabis is not the enemy folks! the reefer madness days are over! time to wake up and join the rest of the world in 2018 (unless you would rather be stuck in the 1950's like dumbass AG Jeff Sessions that is!)

  10. Just because a lot of people smoke weed does not mean that they should advertise it on their fake news channel. They should have smoked off camera. Completely un professional.

  11. I can see both sides of the coin. Some people that have seizures, Parkinson’s, etc have had amazing results from pot. Some of the drugs are terrible for seizures

  12. Oh, shut up. This woman was probably drunk as a skunk on New Year's Eve. No one said smoking weed and driving should be legal but smoking weed is far less likely to cause the harm alcohol has and that is a fact. This is beyond stupid.

  13. If you want to talk about dangerous drugs, why don't you talk about the opioid epidemic here in our country? 20,101 overdose deaths related to prescription pain killers, and 12,990 overdose deaths related to heroin in 2015 alone. Do you know how many overdoses were caused by marijuana? ZERO. 88,000 deaths each year in the USA from 2006–2010 due to excessive alcohol use, that's not even counting deaths caused by drunk driving. If anything, marijuana is safer than alcohol and it actually has medicinal uses. If you're going to be triggered by people tweaking their consciousness, at least be consistent with your bullshit.

  14. I feel that pot can be used responsibly and medicinally and irresponsibly as well just like alcohol and cough medicine. I wouldn't write it off completely. Yes people should not drive on it just like they can't drive under the influence of certain medications.

  15. Last year Don was smashed on New years and now this bimbo is stoned. CNN has to engage in drugs and alcohol to appear "cool". Next year they will be smoking cocaine with Strippers in Nevada.


  17. Dont get me wrong i am concerned about 'big weed' in the future. But nothing about weed right now is big. If we're going to legalize it needs to be able to be grown at home to stop the spread of a possible 'big weed'.

  18. Did you here that fucking lady say? He was driving over 80 miles an hour? What horse shit! This bitch is a fucking paid actress bought to spread anti marijuana campaign bullshit. At the end they mention kids doing it at a younger and younger age blah blah. Data is already out you fuck wads and guess what in Colorado teen drug use is down. Statistics that can be found on government records for the state of Colorado. Get your facts or story straight before you try to sell it off as truth. Fuck you Fox!!!!

  19. Horrible video. Way to keep trying to live under prohibition. I hope your old ass viewers see how rediculous you all are

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