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More Than 10% Of USA’s Biggest Corporations Pay 0% In Taxes – News By The Numbers

Among companies listed on the S&P 500, almost one in nine paid an effective tax rate of zero percent — or even lower — over the past year, according to an analysis by USA Today.
There are 57 separate companies listed on the index that paid a zero percent rate from the past year. Those companies include both household names like Verizon and News Corp. and lesser-known corporate giants like the data storage manufacturer Seagate (market value $15.9 billion) and Public Storage (market value $29.5 billion). Many of the companies USA Today identified in its analysis as paying negative rates make the list because they lost money, but several were profitable. Previous analyses have shown that the typical corporation pays a lower effective tax rate than most middle-class families, and a far lower one than the statutory corporate tax rate against which business interests disingenuously rail.
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  1. The elite do none of the work and pay none of the taxes.
    The middle class do all of the work and pay all of the taxes.
    The poor are there just to scare the shit out of the middle class…keep them turning up for those pissy jobs.
    -George Carlin

  2. This is one of the real reasons people need to think more "Global Economy" when the tax reform debates come up. Start asking questions on how company's that blatantly portray themselves as an American company, while they base there tax headquarters off shore and are owned by a conglomerate of foreign millionaires.

  3. Well no shit. The large corps pay their taxes elsewhere because they manufacture elsewhere. We have a $40 Billion trade deficit because nobody wants to manufacture here and pay the taxes.
    If you want to see corporations pay their taxes, you LOWER the tax rate so they move their manufacturers back into the US.

  4. I wish we could spread out taxes across the years as well. I think of years where I made practically nothing and years where I made a lot and paid dearly in taxes. Perhaps there is, but like many on salaries not sure how one could do this. But yes a scam, especially since corporations are people, my friends. 

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