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Moments leading up to Starbucks arrest revealed in 911 call

Philadelphia police released the 911 call that led to the arrests of two black men accused of trespassing at Starbucks.

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  1. Bringing in your own water, not making a purchase and waiting for a business meeting inside an establishment that makes its earnings from paying customers 🧐

  2. Anytime you refuse to acknowledge the mistakes of yesterday, you give way for history to repeat itself. I realize that there are a lot of children foolishly commenting on this matter, so I'm choosing to take their ignorance (childish yammering…he he ha ha, you're a poo poo head etc.) as just that, ignorance! But to all the people who consider themselves to be "sound" in mind adults, how can u continuously walk past another person's pain and think nothing of it just because u feel un effected by it?! Do u not realize that no one (including yourself) chose to be what they are when they came into this world? We are all in a fight that we didn't choose to be in. Yet, in order to truly prosper in this life we have to face our obstacles. Its not enough to just survive this world, we have to rectify the problems of yesterday as well. And yes, that does mean taking the initiative for those that refuse to. Taking responsibility for those who are truly lame in their way of thinking is a neccessity. We all have a cross to bear whether it be a white person who is annoyed by the idea that everything they do or don't do for that matter (relating to minorities) is seen as monstrous because of what their ancestors did in the past. Or a black person who feels the constant weight that the whole entire world is against them, and in their own mind has defeated themselves before they even try due to history and unfortunate events that they may have personally experienced in life. My point is that everyone, regardless of what side you sit on at the end of the spectrum are in a war that they did not choose to be in. I mean who in their right mind wants to have to deal with any of this? I sure don't! Nevertheless, it is our reality. And so for the survival of all mankind, in hope that we will become what we were all called to be, a picture of supreme greatness, we have to CHOOSE to be triumphant. We all have to put away our selfishness, that immature nature that refuses to see the truth when the evidence is clear. And out of respect for the many people in the past who did not know us, yet, made a conscious decision to put away their childish ways (some even dying in the process, laboring for the fruits that we are currently enjoying today) do we have to continue on in that legacy for the children of tomorrow. One thing I've come to realize is that it's simply not enough to just exist, we have to make a difference. The enemy that we face today is after division. This racial war is nothing more than a clever diversion to make us kill each other. But I'm choosing to keep my eyes open and I strongly urge you to do the same by allowing this problem to provoke you not to become hateful, or as another excuse to develop more ignorant biases that even u know in the back of ur mind aren't true. But to fight it at the core. Because at the end of the day this enemy is wearing us all down, and in order to defeat it, we, all people, are going to have to work together in unison to bring it to pass. One thing that allows me to know that sacrifice (bearing the load for the person's pain nxt to u) is the way to go is because the law of reciprocity says so. Where ever you direct your attention and invest your efforts, you will see harvest (good or bad). I'll end this on a personal note. My pledge…I vow from this day forward to give the best part of me away by showing love to everyone I come across, even if I have to do it crying, fighting the bitterness that wants to take root and sprang up from inside me every step of the way. From here on for the rest of my life in order for this change to come, I will sacrifice how I feel and hold myself accountable to a higher purpose that compells me to change into who I know is right! I see it as worth it! I guess the real question is do You!?

  3. The manager has the right to ask you to leave. If I was asked to leave I would have just left and never gone to one of their shitty stores again. Hardly a Human Rights issue.


  5. May I have a medium cup of "MOTHER LOVE?" I hear it comes with PEACE,UNDERSTAND,HARMONY & FORGIVENESS! Oh and could you add whip cream with a sprinkle of UNITY? You know my day wouldn't be the same if I forgot to purchase a SLICE of your LEMON CAKE! Yes I can tell you guys put your heart & soul into the preparation…Can I ask you a question? You see those two gentlemen sitting there by the window? I couldn't help but overhear their conversation as one was denied assess to your washroom. I also understand they were asked to leave because they didn't make a purchase? Tell you what…Could you add two more cups of "MOTHER LOVE" to my order? You see I use to operate restaurants for 18 years and I completely understand both sides of customer expectations and seat availability. It's a delicate balance. I just thought I'd spread a little LOVE before the POLICE show up. You know this is the City of BROTHERLY LOVE. I understand there have been a few robberies in the area so being "cautious and proactive" is key but you know ONCE you set this atmosphere of lounging at a coffee house it's not good customer relations to PICK & CHOOSE. I can't tell you how many times I've waited for my son here and half the time NEVER made a purchase. I want this situation to be a WIN WIN for everyone. You see I remember when you guys took a stand for BLACK LIVES MATTER. It was a BOLD move and I applaud it. Your CEO is really a trailblazer. Hope the people sitting filming this don't release this just yet. I mean WE as a community-OUR COMMUNITY can work through this. It's an isolated case that does happen throughout AMERICA and the world but I'm dog tired of this Media CIRCUS of one group against another stories. I'm really fatigue…..Think of it this way…just like you guys put your heart and soul into making my favorite cake WE as a community can WORK THROUGH anything without any NEWS EXPOSURE. After all we ARE THE CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE! ☕️☕️☕️🍰🍰🍰…

  6. It will be so funny if a lot of homeless people flock to all the starbucks and stay there all day without buying anything.

  7. Why didn't these two idiots use their black cards to stay on private property. From now on all negros can purchase coffee with their black cards.

  8. that's what happens when black people don't go out without their WHITE SLAVE MASTER

    they get ARRESTED… if only they had a WHITE MASTER with them they wouldn't have gotten ARRESTED by the SHERIFF !


  9. First of all, it is not an emergency if someone is loitering at any place. These incidents happen at our store a lot of times. No one sends police just like that.

  10. There was a guy loitering at our store(evening) and when we called 911 they switched the line to our local police station. They asked to wait for an hour for the persone to leave then call again. Also, the persone was on drugs and was acting really weird.

  11. When BLM literally have nothing to complain about so they make a big deal out of this lmao. Lady is a SJW. She didn’t even call these men by their skin or race. She said GENTLEMEN. Yah. These were not gentlemen. If they were they would’ve respected the stores policy and bought something or left. They could have bought a damn cake pop or a 80¢ bagel. Many stores kick people out for loitering. Starbucks isn’t a place to hang out for free. You either buy something or get out.

  12. Two minutes after they arrived those two gentlemen were arrested for refusing to make a purchase or leave?!!
    Was there any communication at all between the gentlemen, the officers and the woman who made the call??
    Should we be happy that no one was shot and killed at the scene of the "crime"?

  13. I sit in starbucks for hours with my laptop and I may buy something on my way out.. I never been asked to leave , I've never even been aproach buy a worker. I also use the restroom..

  14. yet nowhere can we find the manager's side of the situation. Everyone had the side of the story of the two gentlemen in question, where is the interview with they young woman running that location?

  15. There are three sides to every story. Yours, theirs and the truth. I would like to hear the manager and employee's that were there before making an educated opinion.

  16. Those who are pretending that that it is standard practice for Starbucks to kick people out while they are waiting for their friends to arrive…look stupid.

  17. All of us who have had meetings in starbucks without buying anything know exactly what this video is. Its not even close to being debatable. Read thru the comments & you'll see many racists idiots saying a lot of racists shit while saying that this shows no racial bias. The caller did not have to actually say anything racial for it to be racially bias especially when it comes to encounters with the police. Doing damn near anything or even nothing at all “While Being African-American(black is not a race)" can have similar if not worse consequences. If you aren't African-American and don't see what we do doesn't mean that it doesn't exists. It simply means that you aren't qualified to open your mouth!

  18. White people walk in to Starbucks and wait for their friends all the time before ordering. I never order before my friends arrive. Only a few weeks ago I asked to use the bathroom in a Starbucks and they cheerlfully said "yes." I didn't buy anything, but I am white, so they were friendly and helpful and did not call the police.

  19. Media loves fake racism and victimising blacks all the time

    Some of these coffee places kick out people for bad hygiene (like homeless people) or people not making purchases.

  20. All the witnesses I've seen all say the men did nothing wrong and she called the cops 2 mins after the men arrived. Why didn't any of the witnesses back the manager? Are you telling no one here ever waited for a friend to arrive before ordering? We do it at my job all the time.

  21. listening carefully the manager called 911 and said the gentlemen refuse to make a purchase or leave.
    then the message to police was relayed that the gentlemen was causing a disturbance…
    what disturbance did they cause in 2 mins of being there….
    and the manager never asked them to leave…she went over to check again if they want to order something a and they said, no thanks, they just meeting someone here and the person is coming soon and then they'll be off.

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