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Mitt Romney is not ready to back Trump’s 2020 bid

Mitt Romney joins a chorus of Republican voices who are hesitant to back President Trump’s re-election.

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  2. really don't care if mitt back anyone. mitt is a lib repub that is why he cannot win. if you are going to vote for a lib repub, you might as well vote for a dem.

  3. I agree with +Carly G. Why won't they just step up and speak? These are the people you all vote for? They have no morals. And people will say it's all a part of the politics game, but is it really though? Is this what we've come to accept? If so, we're worst than them.

  4. No Republicans, Wants a three time presidential loser. Question what if Mitt Romney lose in the primary? Then my theory could be correct.

  5. In Trump's defense, he only "considered" Romney for Secretary of State as a not-so-subtle way of publicly humiliating him.

  6. Donald Trump is smart. He targeted the dregs of American society. The stupid, the greedy, and the ignorant evangelists. So the stupid made the greedy a lot richer, and the crazy christians are praying that we all die. A writer who worked for a sitcom could not make this stuff up. This is America, right fucking now. A sick sad joke. I'm just wondering when delusional insane behavior by the American people become normalized? Oh right. You idiots believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction back in 2003 and lied to the rest of the World about it. That is one childhood ago, and you kids are not getting any smarter. Trump is going to give away $700,000,000,000.00 in Defense Contractor WELFARE, to build weapons America does not need. Maybe if he invested that money in the public education system, stupid American kids wouldn't be shooting each other in school. That will never happen. Education will always be underfunded because stupid people are easy to manipulate. Like Trump said "I love the poorly educated". He had two choices, dumb and dumber. He went with the latter. And now the Republicans are stuck with him. Trumps stink will never wash off of them. History will prove that. That is priceless. Every-time Americans put the Republicans in power, they make things worse for main street. Everysingletime since Nixon. Then, you vote in the Democrats to clean up their mess. It's like fucking Groundhog day over and over and over and over again. This time America really shit the bed. The stuff your insane master is doing, is not just going to fuck up America, it is going to hurt the whole Planet. Fuck that shit. You want to act like a bunch of childish ignorant bullies? Fine. Do it in your own boarders. The rest of the World is sick of your twisted stupid shit. I dare you to wear and American flag when you travel. Pretty sure you will not be treated with any kind of respect, since your "commander in chief" has none for Planet Earth. American tourists are the dumbest motherfuckers I have ever met in my life. Every generation is worse then before. I am witnessing it. I have ZERO hope for humanity because of this. We are all doomed because of America's ignorance. Don't worry about your future, because you have none. Nice job you moronic assholes, clap clap clap.

  7. Mitt Romney is the last to know that Evangelicals have a 6 month long class on how to avoid evil cults , and Mormons are number 1 on the list 2 Jehovah witnesses ..
    Im neither a bible thumper or have anything against Mormons or Jehovah witnesses just stating the facts

  8. The American government and the CIA are the ones aiding and abetting ISIS and other Islamic Jihadi/terrorist groups in Syria, and directly responsible for the unprecedented and senseless murder of tens of of thousands of Syrian men, women, and children.


  9. You liberals and your Fredocon lackeys need to get this through your heads. You are not purging this guy. He’s purging you. Just look at James Comey, who has gone from Tower of Integrity to Looming Doofus. The winding trail from the bottom of that famous escalator to right here and now is littered with the twitching bodies of those who thought they could take on The Donald and win.

    And it’s a delight to watch you hacks go nuts about it.

  10. Are you all serious.?.this fake president would run again? Doesn't US AND THE REST OF THE WORLD have enough of this ignorant and idiotic douche bag?

  11. Hahaha! 2016 much? What’s wrong with CNN? Do they never learn? They did this for a whole year during Trump’s campaign and guess what happened? He won, just like how he’ll win in 2020. Stupid cucks.

  12. Romney…….another failed loser. Bahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!
    Go find Hillary in the woods Dooshtard

  13. Faggot Libtard comments are hilarious….. Wait till we meet you face to face little weak "soyboys"
    "Beta-male" little fucktards. Cry little babies cry…
    Waaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaahahhhhhhhhh mommy mommy mommy!!!!
    You have no clue whats coming your way. NEWSFLASH: you better run……… Real fast.

  14. Yet another FAKE story imagined, dreamed up by CNN… It's time to force so-called news networks to annually apply to retain their broadcasting license and to justify their credentials as a News network, instaed of a left-wing funded propaganda network as they are today.

  15. To John Remlinger….Hillary did not win because the Trump crime family colluded with the Russians and rigged the election…Trump,is not a legitimate president and will be unmasked, disgraced and jailed….

  16. Well I hope in 2020 Mitt Romney runs for president,and hopefully Trump doesn't get reelected again!!!

  17. Romney was always a liberal. He supported Clinton's gun control plan in 1994, against Bush in 2000 and against conservative policies. Supporting cap and trade, liberal judges, government run health care, amnesty and opposing Bush tax cuts. I'm glad I didn't vote for Romney in 2012.

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