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Missile false alarm prompts Hawaii to change protocols

The worker who sent out the message, causing terror in more than a million, has been reassigned.

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  1. Hawaii senator Tulsi Gabard sides with the communist dictator Kim, saying he needs nuclear weapons to defend against U.S aggression!!!!
    Communist bitch!!!!
    Hang that bitch from a palm tree!!!

  2. what does americas comnander in chief of the military have to say?
    not a fucking thing.
    when else has trump said nothing?
    trump knows he is a failure and its best to keep his mouth shut about it.

  3. Man ! I have given this considerable thought & it's so's what I came up with..1 of 2 happened exactly as reported or there is something more sinister involved

  4. Well I'm glad you can hit the wrong button because it shouldn't take more than 10 seconds to send that warning out because it only takes minutes for a missile to hit anywhere in the world in under 3 minutes

  5. I seriously want to see real and raw video but the msm has to shove their reports all over the place. I dont care about your report. I want raw video.

  6. People that live in Hawaiʻi aren’t necessarily Hawaiian. Hawaiians are the Native peoples that got their country stolen by a bunch of white American businessmen.

  7. It didn’t work for Pearl Harbor and it didn’t work right this weekend what in the world are these democrat leaders doing for a job get it together people 👀

  8. To bad false alarm. Obama,s home should disappear . Let me guess the alarm was, racist, sexist, Islamophobia, take you liberal choice and if someone disagrees with you cry victim.

  9. Is there nothing else to report on? This is 2 days old news. It sucks Im sure but I dont live nor never will live in Hawaii so I feel for ya. It was an isolated incident. Be glad it was a false alarm.

  10. Why would the people of Hawaii be stupid enough to give access to something like a nuclear missile alert to anyone else but a high ranking military official. Either the americans are very stupid with who they allow access to those alarms or it was staged. To have a nuclear missile alarm sounded they would first have to detect that a missile was launched then find its tragectory and only after that could the message be sent to sound the alarm and that would take more than 1 person.

  11. would you prefer Hawaii under Japanese rule, because that's what would of happened if they didn't become owned by the white American businessmen.

  12. Kims nuke button. Trumps bigger nuke button. And the joker missile alarm button.

    Last few weeks they are talking about allot of buttons. Predictive program pretty much

  13. That worker should face serious fines. That lazy ungrateful piece of shit has caused so much harm and now ruined future alarms credibility.

  14. If war broke out u could survive the blast but you would get radiation positioning so is it worth trying to take cover

  15. it won't matter if they believe them or not xD

    also; they're messing with peoples hearts and heads and god is displeased.

  16. That news anchor is clearly taking advantage of his free trip to Honolulu. Check out the purple Hawaiian shirt and tan.

  17. Illuminati blood line cabal with the Bush/Clinton/Israeli/EU/NATO/UN unified cabal are actively violently and desperately trying to overthrow the current administration and complete their united globalization project creating a one world government which we saw a massive defeat with Brexit now the powers that were will resort to anything including nuking Hawaii as a false flag attack and blame it on North Korea to trigger World War 3.

  18. Why wasn't the "employee" "worker" not questioned about a defense missile process which can't easily cause false positives? Official story appears Fake — Propaganda. Or, it was a real threat (same as in Japan) that was intercepted by the USA Patriot military. Where were the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, the Rothschilds & Soros families? They were in the distance looking on with glee! There is no doubt about it. | However, the God of the Hebrews is good and saved the day. He alone is Merciful and Holy — His name is The Lord Jesus Christ to whom every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that, He is the Lord to the Glory of God the Father. Amen

  19. Well you have hit the button on the head so to speak. I grew up through my teenage years believing conspiracy theorist were crazy out-of-the-box thinkers or just bored people crying for attention looking for ways to stir up the pot. since the 2017 election ive grown to a new perspective. A realization a maturing of reality, that yes our government does psyops psychological social testing to every form and degree they have learned that money and revenue is generated by fear-mongering. All these black lives matter groups and antifa Etc are all to
    give a false perspective of an unsettled Nation. and some senses they are trying to do the better good because of stubbornism of society. In my opinion they push using false act's. No government should be ran with lies deceit and fear it is no different than slaving people just a newer more modern approach to slavery working people's asses off taxing them till they can't bleed no more.
    they do things in such a way that they want to get the attention of the paranoia schizophrenic types because they are the ones that are going to stir the pot they want you to think that the government is controlled and it is buy certain outside non-elects and it really is. because it would be an outrage to find our elected people are not serving our wishes, nor doing it the way we think a normal government should be ran.
    Double, Triple reverse even Quadruple reverse psychology that they are pulling on their own people. How do you get people as a group or society to avert being contrary or stubborn?
    it's a very sad day to wake up and find we've been hijacked by lies deceit just honesty and that our election system is just the scam to fool people into thinking their country is ran by their choices. and yes you're right this was a fake event and no way in hell was a button pushed accidentally wrong come on a button? Do you see dr. evil behind a desk with a big button covered over glass giving off an evil hahaha with his hand raised over that big button LOL? let me throw in my own conspiracy concern I don't know if it's meant to look like it has happening this way, or are they so dumb and blind that it looks like they're intentionally stressing people in order to decrease Society because stress is the biggest killer of society.

  20. God I bet Kim Jong Un was (and probably still is) laughing his ass off at this. Honestly it should be a rule that in order to start a test like this, there needs to be three guys. Two with keys to turn on either side of the button, one to open a glass box and push the button.

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