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Miss America drops swimsuit competition

Madison Gesiotto, former Miss Ohio in the Miss USA pageant, weighs in on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. i better see a lot of high level Doctors in very hard science like particle physics or other thing if they are going the the best and brightest in the new format

  2. OMG progression! now I don't have to work out ..

    Women will totally accept me now; the truth is women are less shallow than men. Now I can be accepted for who I am and won't be judged ..

    Amazing lmao

  3. I see america is really affected by the fact that they never experienced communism on their own skin.
    Have fun kids with your mountains of dead and starved bodies.

  4. Time to end this stupid thing. Maybe just keep it in the RED states where they still want their women dumb and pregnant.

  5. Ok ok…… How do the ladies feel about it. It's well ………. their body….. so well…. let the ladies decide.
    Guys well….. we're …. weeping….. weeping bad… reaaaal bad!

  6. They just killed off the only reason that heterosexual men had for watching. How you take care of your body is also a part ofΒ "what makes you, you"(gag). They have opened up the flood gates. Now all of the disgustingly fat and obese will begin competing. They had better re-enforce that stage!


  8. holy shit, they might as well, just wear snow suits……………….. At this point, that way noone can be offended by seeing a woman show her stomache, god for fuckin bid.

  9. It is so incredibly sexist to rate and rank women by how intelligent they are. It is very unfair to highly attractive women who were less fortunate, and unable to get a superior education.

  10. I see me to movement supporter Ellen has introduced Hunk Tac Toe to her show same week swim suits were dropped from Miss USA. Where is the consistency there.

  11. It all comes down to money….wait and see what the ratings look like, then sponsors will either jump on board or drop it like a hot potato….Sports Illustrated attempted something similar with plus size models…lowest sales since it's beginning. Won't try that again.

  12. THEY CAN STILL HAVE THE PAGEANT IT JUST WON"T BE TELEVISED…..have to wait for Miss Universe. Shows are aired on television at Prime Time because sponsors pay huge dollars to advertise their products… viewers – no sponsors – no sponsors – no money – no money = goodbye Miss America Pageant. The pageant doesn't make money, it attracts huge audiences, OR use to attract huge audiences. DUH!

  13. The pageant will most likely continue on, whether or not it will be televised on National TV will be decided by viewer ratings and of course the "Source of the Money", the Sponsors. Getting sponsors for a televised program at Prime Time……..that is another story unto itself. BILLIONS are spent pushing products to viewers.

  14. The 'pageant' would stand a better chance of surviving its rating slump by dropping the swimsuit tops rather than the swimsuit competition. Who will tune in now that the show is about the women's intellect and opinions? Is beauty is not the focus will heavy, unattractive women also compete now that brains have replaced bikinis? Hopefully these people wont get control of women's beach volleyball- I'd really miss those bikinis

  15. Since too many models are just pretty boys, I personally find this event, totally, uninteresting!

  16. ''it doesnt have to be one or the other…'' exactlly., some lucky women have brains and beauty dialed up to 11..haha

  17. I can’t wait (weight) until we send a 300 lb Miss America or a morbidly obese Miss USA on to compete in a world competition like Miss Universe where the bikini counts. I’m going to laugh my ass off.

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