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  1. I have been a charter member of the Miracle Valley Assembly in Miracle Valley, AZ since my teens. Plus I attended the Miracle Valley Bible Collage. None of Rev. Allen's people was part of this church sect that had nonstop run ins with the law and shoot outs. Miracle Valley Church & Bible Collage was on the other side of the 92 hwy. It is sad such happen but Rev. Allen's people had nothing to at all with any of it:
    Rev. Michael Capps, Ph.D

  2. Thanks for making that known Sir, but that's not the main issue here. I belive this entire incident was racially motivated. Imagine what would hapeen in 2009 if 300 minorities instantaneously moved to an all white neighborhood anywhere in the U.S. I'm not saying the church group was right they did seem to be agreesive or on edge. But without being there I don't know what they had to go through on a daily basis either. I don't feel anyone should have been killed serving a traffic warrant.

  3. I believe book is Mortal Evidence by a prominent forensic pathologist named Cyril Wecht. The book has a chapter that details his findings and throws doubt into the deputy's account of the shooting. This book is available at pretty widely on the internet or big book stores.

  4. If you knew about a book that has conflicting evidence in it, how come you didn't even attempt to mention it in your documentary?

  5. To clarify, this material is not my documentary. It is simply a collection of national news stories about the event, good or bad. I don't necessarily agree with the information in these stories. I have posted some segments of my documentary on youtube, but be aware that these are small, unfinished portions of a larger work.

  6. Hello maam what is your take on these videos that are posted, since you were actually there. How much fact or truth is in these videos. What is your account of the events that took place.

  7. ok i live in sierra vista– my house is about 10 minutes from miracle valley! fort huachuca had blacks in it and there were no problems with mixing races until CMHCC came to town.
    "understand the actions that the church members were forced to take…" please– like blowing vans and throwing hammers at reporters? is that what God tells you to do in the bible???

  8. Thats fine have your opinion… people need to know that facts! the church planned on blowing up police cars with bombs and blowing up a jail to get 2 of their members out! throwing hammers, metal and spitting in police officers faces are NOT acceptable! Not in the United States, not anywhere! The law is the law! Don't try and justify their actions or maybe your own! This is not what God preaches in the Bible!

  9. hmm A racist black supremist religious group from the south side of Chicago there can't be any connection between Jeremiah wright and them it's just not possible.

  10. Yea it reminds me of Rosewood too….Very sad that people had to die because "some people" felt threatend, by them….Well the truth will come out, it always does….I want to hear from someone who was actually there and can remember what happened….FACTS!!!

  11. The "church" (cult) members deserved a lot worse. At least law enforcement didn't drop a bomb on them like they did the MOVE people in Philly later. Maybe they should have though, seeing as this group seemingly had the intention of bombing them.

  12. My aunt lived there when she was going to high school. She said that all of the kids that went there were told not to talk to white people and a bunch of them carried hammers with them when they went to school. She also said that they weren't allowed to go to hospitals so a few of them died from simple things like hernias and the like.

  13. "but still someone should have been held accountable for these massacres, police or not!"

    What massacre? Two of the militant black religious members were killed. Maybe you should look up the  definition of the word. Here Dummy, is the definition: 

    1. an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people.
    "the attack was described as a cold-blooded massacre"
    synonyms: slaughter, wholesale/mass slaughter, indiscriminate killing, mass murder, mass execution, annihilation, liquidation, decimation

    2. deliberately and violently kill (a large number of people).

    As you can see Jugghead neither definition applies. So shut up and enjoy your parents basement…

  14. Wow! Reading all these comments….. I was there. I was not a part of that group, but I did live in Sierra Vista and go to Buena. No one remembers all the other stuff that happened, that wasn't reported to the news… Like the girl who got beat up by the girls from miracle Valley. Ya, that was me. What about the walkout at Buena, we wanted them out of our school.. We were threatened, beaten, verbally abused and the school did nothing… Someone write about that. How non-Christian they behaved.

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