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Military Officials: North Korea Missile Launch Possible This Week | CNBC

NBC News’ Hans Nichols reports the latest from the Pentagon on the anti-government protests in Iran and the likelihood of another missile launch from North Korea.
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Military Officials: North Korea Missile Launch Possible This Week | CNBC

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  1. North Korea is starving and the sanctions are finally working now Kim's gonna try to convince south Korea to get rid of America and send them food! Don't fall for Kim's evil tricks! He's stalling us to feed his military and make more nucular material and missles! He does not want peace!

  2. Ecclesiastes 5:9 – Even the king, is served by the field. SO* KINGS OF MONEY, AND RELIGION, AND OF COMMERCE being served by the "field", are not* going to damage or destroy the "fields" of cheap labor, natural resources, good water, land, etc. Because, even the Kings are served by the field – Eccl.5:9.

  3. Maybe this is just how North Korea makes friends.. When he flew that nuke over Japan, he was saying hey Japan don't forget me

  4. with trumps mental capabilities in question its time trump be removed from office.
    who knows how trump perceives the world.
    a simple nor kor missle test may appear to trump as a full attack by china.
    the fate of the world is in trumps hands.
    this is the most dangerous period in the worlds history.
    if ever the military is needed to defend america the time is now to relieve trump from his duty.
    trump was never meant to be POTUS anyways.

  5. California will be exempt from nuclear fallout because they're a sanctuary state rife with gun free zones. Safest place on Earth.

  6. All you TRUMP haters should get a gun point it at your head and pull the trigger, but that wouldn't work cause your to stupid to know how to properly work a gun!!!

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