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Migrant caravan reaches California border seeking asylum

A group of about 200 Central American migrants arrived at the U.S. border after a 2,500-mile journey. Now, they face threats of being detained and separated from their families.

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  1. America does not exist for the rest of the world to rape. Close the border NOW or our country will die.

  2. Send them packing. We don’t want them. Carry their flags elsewhere. Stay in Latin America you asswipes!

  3. Americans are trying to get rid of DACA and those people still come. Like????? If american have to choose between keeping those who are in DACA or those people I think americans will prefer keeping DACA (at least they are educated and maybe have a job and used to US lifestyle). Those people may be uneducated, no career, don't understand english, can't use a computer…. It will be a lot of money that will have to be invested in them. More spending = more taxes

  4. They have no rights to come into our country. Also why are they flying their country’s flag. If they’re so proud of their country go back. We don’t want you

  5. Take your flag and your problems and go back to the shitholecountry you came from. Life's a b***h, didn't you get the memo ?

  6. They came from Central America, why didn’t they ask for asylum in Mexico? ——> Because they want American welfare.

  7. Anyone else feel the ending of this video is glorifying the people's choice to conduct illegal activities?

  8. Such Love for America! to cross desert,river,wall to proudly wave the American flag? NO! The flag of MEXICO/Guatemala.
    The Outrage over any that sells or displayed a Confederate Flag?

  9. Organizers plan is to out populate the USA with Hispanics by the year 2050 wake up America 🇺🇸

  10. Economy Refugees .???
    They Allowed These People To TrePass Their Land To Come For The US .???
    Just Like That .???

  11. Why can’t they go to Spain… they speak the same language and their Catholics they will fit in perfect

  12. i can't believe our government is kidnapping children at the border…WOW what the hell is going on with this administration?

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