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Migrant caravan arrives at US-Mexico border

A caravan of hundreds of migrants has reached the US-Mexico border after a monthlong trip from Central America that has sparked the ire of President Donald Trump. CNN’s Leyla Santiago reports.

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  2. Illegals commit a crime by crossing the border without proper paperwork. They shouldn’t be allowed to be here if they can’t come here legally! If it was my choice I’d have the military on a shoot on sight order for illegally crossing the border!

  3. Stupid supporters. they sabotage the US law. These asylum seekers will continue to SUCK DRY the US, and USE the system while real Americans are being denied of basic needs. These people ought to work and FIX their own countires.

  4. this happen is trump win again 2020….trump using this shit… hispanic trash made trump win again!!! from korea!!

  5. It's quite telling that CNN would put their "reporter" on the Mexico side of the border advocating for illegal immigration.

    I wonder what it would be like if CNN did these interviews in our inner cities among the blacks and LEGAL immigrants who are facing poverty and crime because of ILLEGALS.

    We wont hold our breath.
    CNN is FakeNews.

  6. 2 kids and one on the way? Why do these ppl keep having sex if they cant provide for their children? If she comes to the US tax payers will pick up that bill. My checks are already being sucked up by enough taxes. That being said what Sort of scum of the earth threatens children? They need a thorough ass kicking. It's an overall bad situation. I don't want anyone in danger but now these Mafia's and gangs have come to the US illegally or seeking asylum and theyre bringing that same chaos from their country into the US. We have plenty of unincorporated desert lands. Make sanctuary cities there and give limited asylum but these barbaric gangs need to be wiped out so ppl can live freely in their own countries. The icing on the cake is that Mexico offered them sanctuary and xome refused. So they had an option but still that's not enough. The days of anchor babies is over.

  7. White Nationalists (aka superior racists) aren't even qualified to immigrate into the US. They wouldn't meet the criteria on any level. Complete rejects. Luckily they were born there!


  9. Can people stop saying trump is racist against Mexicans when

    1.hes fine with the legal ones he just doesn't like the illegal ones

    2.illegal immigrants are not a race so you can't be racist against illegals

    3.why would we want illegals here when they are trying to steal our jobs and get healthcare when they don't earn it and have committed illegal actions that if Americans did they would end up in jail

  10. new republicans voters for "FREEDOM"? Wanting the right to bear arms & return Back to their country and kick A__???? LOL

  11. Trump was elected to end this shit…she can stay in Mexico where she is safe…asylum in mexico not in America…trump was elected to end this shit…she and all of them can stay in mexico…

  12. These asylum seekers are scammmers! They will not report to their court hearing then disappear like the other 11 million illegals!

  13. That migrant woman is pregnant! AHA!! She's prepare to give birth to anchor baby so they can become US citizens.

  14. The reporter translated about 90% of what she said. The woman also said that her husband can't turn himself in because of "criminal groups" in Honduras. I suspect she means her husband is in trouble with gangs(?). It's difficult for us to understand the criminal element these people surround themselves with for money. I feel bad for these women, but it would be foolish to believe she's leaving her husband behind. Is he there? Is he miraculously going to change his criminal ways once he jumps the fence or go back to what feels familiar…hooking up with Central American gangs on the US side when faced once again with financial hardship. I guess Trump was right about criminals coming over.
    The reporter also translated something incorrectly, in a subtle way, I can't help but think it was intentional. When asked what if the USA won't let you in, she didn't say "she CAN'T go back to her country" She said "she hopes she doesn't have to go back to her country".
    This situation begs the question, "Why not stay in Mexico, you've already crossed into a different country, one that speaks your language? You don't need your aunt here". Her answer would undoubtedly have been that the US offers social services. I think she's been coached on what to say.

  15. If God threw Adam and Eve for eating God's forbidden fruit and disobeying his command not to eat it, what would you think will happen to these people who ate other people's food and disobeyed their laws? Would they not throw these people too?

  16. I love how angry this is making the Trumpkin keyboard warriors. Here's hoping the migrants receive citizenship and create more hair loss for the bigot camp.

    Thoughts and prayers with the immigrants. I wish them the best, and hope that they are able to find a new life, legally, here in the United States of America.

  17. What a pity the whole CNN/MNSBC/George Soros crowd don't emigrate to Hoduras, Venezuela, Haiti, or some other socialist, communist shithole….
    And now they want to fuck-up the US as well?? This kite ain't gonna fly! Trump was right….

  18. Strange that people from socialist/communist countries always flee to Christian/European countries, and not the other way round? I wonder why this is so, and why do the left/lib people want to change western countries into socialist/communist countries??

  19. She shouldn't have had kids…if she has nothing to offer them…an shes pregnant AGAIN!!!!!….OH MY LORD

  20. Did you see and hear the reporter? She said they did not want to go across the border. They sat at the top. If they really wanted to they could just climb that stupid border.

  21. Soon patriots will welcome these democrats in waiting with one of americas greatest inventions the ar-15

  22. Future democrats how much longer will republicans undermine there future chances of winning elections by letting in all these third world commies

  23. I want a couple hundred thousand of these fuckers at the border and see what happens america will lurch further right i love it this just nudges america right

  24. if your children are threatened in your home country (somewhere in Central America), then why are you still getting pregnant? So Sweet Pea please explain where the father(s) of all of your babies is at this critical time in your life? Is he still sowing his poverty seed with all of the senoritas who, like you, will migrate with your wombs full to The United States? Do Americans a favor and settle in Mexico and pump out your children there.

  25. Fuccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk off our country go away leave us alone get help from UN some a human right organization

  26. her future plan take my tax money and other Americans tax money to used live off her family what a Great plan .work my ass of give it to the government to feed her family .so my money going to save people from a poor situation financial situation .so I going Jesus number 2 sacrifice what I have for the Central America for the Hispanic people

  27. So going have baby our country so cute guaranteed the citizenship so have better future take from my ass and me be the donkey who is working is not able to achieve anything why because going this people they been treated better than our citizens

  28. Leyla Santiago ,if you continue wearing those tshirts your breast going be threatening I guarantee people sexual turned like a wild Predator animal. especially in Mexico . so be careful sweetheart

  29. I don't give a fuck I don't want them in my country you want to come over there to legally come to the United States we don't want illegals in our country I don't want them in my country I don't fucking care about your pathetic sob story stay the fuck in your country we don't invade your country don't come over there and go hey I want to be an American Mexican now stay the fuck over there I don't want I don't want your ass in my country we don't want you over there you fucking get that I don't give a shit about your sob story about how you're being treated we don't give a fuk we care about the security of the United States don't give a fuck about what you want

  30. This situation looks like north korea and south korea… it's sad but illegal is illegal..god bless you all.

  31. Haha amerifaggs! u have taken over by Mexican animals that rape your females and killing u !!! They have turned ur country into a 3rd world shithole with crime !!!!!

  32. We are a country where people of all backgrounds, all nations of origin, all languages, all religions, all races, can make a home. America was built by immigrants. Hillary Clinton

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