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Michigan Could Elect America’s First Muslim-American Governor (HBO)

As a candidate, Abdul El-Sayed, who is running for governor in Michigan, is not unlike Bernie Sanders. He’s a progressive outsider avoiding corporate PAC money and embracing Medicare for All for the state. But for many voters, he’s defined by one thing: His religion.

El-Sayed, the former director of the Detroit Health Department, is a practicing Muslim, and he would be the first Muslim-American governor in the nation if elected. He’s one of what experts are calling a “wave” of Muslim-American candidates running for office nationwide this year, with as many as 100 candidates launching campaigns.

But El-Sayed has had to deal with religion-focused attacks from one of his GOP opponents — attacks which one of his Democratic opponents has refused to denounce. El-Sayed also told VICE News “very powerful people” in the Michigan Democratic Party told him he’d have trouble winning because of his religion and name.

VICE News spent time in Michigan with El-Sayed to see how the Democrat is responding to the attacks and handling his religion on the campaign trail.

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  1. Republican Party as of NOW! are ruled by Russia and white supremacist and are trying to ruin our nation. But lets smoke & mirror issues.

  2. Shri Thanedar's been living here for more than 39 years but still hasn't got any American accent.
    Btw he just wants taking his state to the next level!

  3. as an atheist, and classical liberal, i have no one to vote for that isn't just a lesser evil.

  4. 5:24 …..if only it were all that straight forward and simple all these years of human history …..(read history and see if things could be resolved with yes or no questions)

  5. He's a progressive physician – "I went to med school to learn how to heal, but I learned politics was what was making the people sick." – and that's why he's got my vote August 7th.

  6. America can be islam or muslim but saudi or other middle east countries cant be christian. America is doom. Someday america will be entirely islam. God bless you all.

  7. Abdul El-Sayed is a liar. He is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. It also states in their Koran that they can lie when need be. If this Muslim makes Governor, the United States is doomed. Welcome Sharia Law! This is their main goal, to enforce it on the rest of us and the stupid American Socialists especially Ocasio-Ortiz, are clueless as to what Islam stands for.

  8. Ok so I don’t get why the title describes him as “Muslim-American”…? Like yeah he’s both of those things, but I’ve never heard of “religion-nationality” hyphenation before. Has anyone else seen the “Christian-American” or “Hindu-German” kind of stuff before?

  9. As a michigander, I can say the Muslim aspect means nothing, after all we have not only the largest Muslim population but also the densest Muslim population, he wont get elected because this ISNT a blue state, only the urban areas are left, the majority of everywhere else in michigan is libertarian

  10. Ahh no, not another Muslim in Western Culture Government. Cuz we all know how the USA and London turned out with Muslims running things right? Let me guess, all his votes a from Dearborn?

  11. El-Sayed has made pro-Hamas, antisemitic, radical Islamic spokesjihadist Linda Sarsour his ‘defacto campaign manager.’ While speaking to a group of Muslims at the 54th Annual ISNA Convention, Sarsour expressed how much she admires her terrorist “mentor” Siraj Wahhaj, and asked him to financially support Abdul’s campaign. Siraj Wahhaj is a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

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