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Michele Bachmann’s Husband Gay?

The Young Turks/MSNBC host Cenk Uygur shares an audio tape of Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus making some questionable comments about homosexuality.

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  1. I'm gay, and like to think my gaydar is finely tuned. He's gay. Just because he has 6 kids doesn't mean he's straight. I could be a father too, but I'm not. Long story, but the point is we're both GAY!

  2. i,m with cenk on this one. not e everyone has that curiosity. i always liked girls and never had a doubt about that. he,s obviously gay. they have six kids, i feel sorry for them. i cant imagine myslf as the soon of two crazy and idiot people like these two…

  3. The, worst thing about growing up is repressing your sexuality and yourself personally as a human being!

  4. If Michele Bachmann were to become president , we would still get a first lady out of the deal. Absolute pandemonium would ensue when they are trying to decide who will wear what to the inaugural ball . But seriously , with ANY man who would marry Michele Bachmann , the day would eventually arrive when he would decide that gay has to be better.

  5. it seems he so passionate about gay conversion therapy so he can surround himself with other gay men and do "theRAPy"

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