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Meet The Press with Chuck Todd 10/22/17 | MSNBC Meet The Press with Chuck Todd October 22, 2017

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  1. 5 elitists wondering why the coun try is angry? all totally clueless…they dont believe you and you make it worse by not having a fair debate…that is the answer…why dont you debate alex jones and steve bannon…people will figure out the truth…stifle real debate and create more anger…nothing you make up in your own bubble will be heard…they dont believe you and your fake statistics -by using their words of fake news and blaming others for what you do is a tactic that wont work anymore….the country wont stop not believing you because you crossed the line and everyone knows it

  2. Tax reform?"  We haven't had real tax reform since 1986, as carefully and entreatingly shown in "Showdown at Gucci Gulch."  What we've got is tax cuts — FOR WHOM?
    The GOP only pretends to address the concerns of Middle Class families while ACTUALLY raising taxes on most who earn 50k to 150k per year.
    Political rhetoric of those desperately wanting a "win" FAILS TO Follow the Money — and 80{110202e4b0545ba7d82f832dfdef697f1165b8ffb4f37afa9b7f9a509eaa0583} of those tax dollars "savings" WILL go to the top end of 1{110202e4b0545ba7d82f832dfdef697f1165b8ffb4f37afa9b7f9a509eaa0583} of Americans.
    Instead ALL the rhetoric pretends to help the Middle Class.  Unless there are patriots who care about the Middle Class still in Congress, THESE "tax cuts" would fail WHILE real ones that help the Middle Class through bipartisan action — as tax reform did under Reagan in 1986 — will be implemented ONLY with failure of this sadly laughable charade for American citizens.  THAT IS TRUE TO THE EXTENT specifics are offered AT ALL in the submitted tax bill by one party offering "sales" talking points and unverified partisan projections that have not worked in the past, through today.

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