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Meet Gang Members From Chicago’s West Side (HBO)

Chicago passes 1000 gunshot victims for the year. President Trump capitalized on Chicago’s troubles, and campaigned on finding the solution. 12 days after inauguration a pastor named Darrell Scott told President Trump he had a solution. Scott said “Top gang thugs” in Chicago had personally contacted him with a message for the president.

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  1. Darrell Scott, a pastor in Chicago, told President Trump that he had a solution. Scott said “Top gang thugs” in Chicago had personally contacted him with a message for president Trump. Watch More:

  2. Holyyyyyy shit 5:35

    God help Chicago's South and West sides, it's tough out there. Never ventured further than the North Side except going to Midway or to see a Sox game

  3. No president, police, preacher or government program can stop the killing. The only ones that can stop it are the young men who dont value life and are the ones pulling the triggers.

  4. I don't feel sorry for these black christians let natural selection get rid of the weakest sheeps I'm not mad it's just nature

  5. Another vice liberal trump hit job, how about a report criticizing the guy who is from Chicago and was president for 8 years and the murder rate went up, as did black unemployment and wages went down for Black people. Rahm Emanuel is an empty suit.

  6. The precious young lady from Vice doesn't understand. She has something to lose. These kids have nothing to lose except respect. They get that through a gang with a gun.

  7. the trump administration need find a way quick and keeps his promises to the black community in Chicago. Cus 2018 is goin a lot worst and the black community need the confident in trump and listen to him and his policy but if not more ppl r jus goin to hate him more

  8. I have a question. Why is it that Koreans come here with absolutely nothing but the clothes they are wearing and they still were able to become successful people. No white privileges. No bitching or complaining got to work and kicked some ass. They didn't play the blame game. Of course there's tons of bad cops. Just like I tell my boys crying won't get u no where.

  9. So you are a gang member, killing each other, selling mariuhana etc.. Is killing someone make you legend, you have serious illness.. What is the difference between you are killing someone in Chicago and you are killing innocents in Africa, Asia or somewhere? you are f..king terrorist.. There are no differences. ! U.S is a heaven ! Everything on your hand! Educate yourself, find a job , make a money and live your life. Much better than your freaking old previous waste life.. But i see, You cant do this.. Selling mariuhana, killing people is an easy way.. Sooner or later someone will hoop your ass..

  10. No  NO wait,  My money is on the gangs of ChicGO, ITS LIKE THE VIETCONG, let em come, the locals know the streets and buildings, and have the networks. The UN soldiers will get slaughtered.  Let the Un troops come in, the gangs will slaughter them and it will become a huge mess and show how ineffective the UN is.  The gangs could turn themselves from thugs to patriot anti hero robin hood heroes. Calling all Chicago gangs, start your strategy now, lay out your pLANS and set up your weapons cashes and take out the foreign ass wipes.

  11. Only a primate would declare a Hitler loyalty. What a joke. Way to lose an audience, and revelance. You are not worth my spell check , boooo this shit.

  12. The reason why there hasn't been a real solution is because that area of Chicago isn't generating enough tax dollars for the state. so the state will not invest money in the infrastructure of that area, why ? because it isn't beneficial to the state. and what that creates is a domino effect,which brings about: NO RESOURCES FOR JOBS, cause no new businesses are being developed in the area, NO COMMERCE, NO HOUSING, NO EDUCATION, NO SCHOOLS, NO HEALTH. SO what do citizens do, they turn to crime to try and survive. so this dominoe effect can be attributed to the very state itself. why ? because it is the states responsibility to create opportunities so that new businesses can enter these impoverished neighborhoods, and it's the same exact blueprint of the problems being faced by communities all over the USA. and until the politicians whom represent these sectors start taking responsibility and take action in the form of real concrete opportunities and development nothing is going to change…there you have it folks.

  13. all i see here is a bunch of lazy cowards playing a game of monkey see,monkey do. bring the death penalty to the entire united states and then we will see how macho they really are.

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