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Mayim Bialik: Sometimes Women Are Asking For It

Mayim Bialik has apologized for implying women are sometimes asking to be sexually harassed. Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

“Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) said Wednesday that women bear as much responsibility as men for preventing sexual assault and harassment.

“I grew up in a time when it was as much the woman’s responsibility as it was a man’s — how you were dressed, what your behavior was,” Johnson told local media. “I’m from the old school that you can have behaviors that appear to be inviting. It can be interpreted as such. That’s the responsibility, I think, of the female. I think that males have a responsibility to be professional themselves.”

Her message, she insisted, was meant to empower women to prevent assault and harassment.

Johnson also told NBC DFW she was disappointed more women did not report movie producer Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual harassment, assault, abuse, and rape earlier.”

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Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen


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  1. These women must all be supermodels or something because I can go to the beach alone or walk outside after dark without fear.  This is getting ridiculous.

  2. Says the females with no sleeves while the guy is covering his arms. Girls touch my arms less when I wear a long sleeve vs short sleeve. It is only an issue if the girl is cute. If she ugly I'm calling the cops.

  3. Miram never had a thing to worry about- I've watched her tv show as a child and she was known to be physically ugly even then!

  4. Hey "naked lady" it does matter how you dress. You are dressed like little girl. This guy's arms are covered. Both women have naked arms and cleavage. Their shared identity is that of little girls who, oops, just grew breasts.

  5. "Old school beliefs" offered a semblance of protection, derived from ,you guessed it the Judaeo Christian Ethic.
    BTW, it is not wise for a woman to jog alone in in Kabul, what's that about?

  6. The point here is that if you dress sexually, not alone but added to a flirtatious promiscuous style attitude then the assumption is going to be you are ready for the physical, its not necessarily the way it should be but its the reality of things and its how people read situations…. So, when Mayim says that she dresses a certain way and doesn't flirt its because she doesn't want to be misread, its a suggestion and an observation. I would expect the men in the industry to act respectful, but at the same time I expect the same from the women, Lets everyone act professionally here as you are all supposed to be professional entertainers. But as a disclaimer I do believe that people should know when its ok and not ok to touch , I just feel like the lack of responsibility taken from anyone is sickening.

  7. :sigh: clothing never determines a rapists mindset. if people actually take the time do research and quit playing online doctor you would know that. not to long ago a woman in my area was jogging and was attacked at 6 am in the morning and thankfully nothing happened so this whole notion of if you dress a way it invites a crime. im no doctor or shrink but i do think people who rape have a compulsion to do so

  8. This is so unfair. Mayim did not say women should dress modestly. She said that is the choice SHE makes to deal with the sexual threat. Are you also going to attack Muslim women who say they feel more respected when they cover? Mayim said women should be able to wear whatever they want, but she didn't feel she could do that and feel safe. Why do all women have to have the EXACT same opinion and the EXACT same approach to dealing with sexual threats? And if my approach is different from yours, and I express how I handle it without judging how YOU handle it, are you going to try to silence me and tell me to nuance my thoughts? That's not feminist. That's women piling on one another. And you know what? When a man I worked with, who had more power than me, stared at my legs in a predatory way when I wore a mini skirt to work I stopped wearing mini skirts to work. There. I said it. Does that make me an oppressor of women? That was a choice I made. Excuse me if I wasn't being leftie enough for your hignesses because I did what I felt I needed to do. If another woman chose to handle that kind of thing differently, that's awesome for her. We all do what we feel we have to do, for Christ's sake. Lay off!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh and finally, that sarcastic way of referring to the name of her character because you couldn't be bothered pronouncing her name right is not consistent with being culturally sensitive and supportive of women as I know you want to be.

  10. My opinion probably sucks, but no fame here, so no need to apologize…FREEDOM! Someone touches me, I'd slap their hand away, end of story. This is based on her idiotic comment that she is harassed literally everywhere she goes. Come on now! The other one says it assaults her "person-hood!" OMG And Sexually harassed on TWITTER, are you deranged!?! Her voice assaulted my ears….and all I had to do was click her off…I didn't! Block your Twitter demons, you didn't…choices

  11. I believe that woman was pointing out risk factors…like your more at risk for robbery if your house is unlocked at night…your chance of assault is higher at night in a bad neighborhood….I think she was trying to make the correlations for risk factors with some women not all who dress a little risque..but there will always be creeps who will harass either way…but I believe she's pointing out ways to reduce it

  12. It's like this. When you are out in the woods, don't smear yourself with peanut butter and honey and expect bears to leave you alone.

  13. opinion on this topic will never be general as to people are different with acts that are physical there is no debate it is wrong and should be punished. while non physical actions are all open to persons opinion and people will not agree on theses ever. as for me i have a high tolerance for verbal abuse so it wont effect me as much as others but i need to know that not everyone is of the same thought and i need to act in a way i dont make most of the people uncomfortable as you will never be able to please everyone you ever meet with your action.

  14. More men like Brett, in fact all men like Brett should have the courage to speak up on this topic and say it’s not okay and that men should be held accountable. Because the notion with this topic is that “men can’t help themselves” so only other men can call that out for the bullshit that it is so that predators can be held accountable.

  15. Jeez way this is going ..
    2020- Omg my boss asked me out ! Like how dare he I feel sexual harassed !
    Boss- I apologize to the women of the who feel offended please castrate me now so I no longer have this horrible sexual organ that inspires me to do the most heinous of acts.

  16. This is the Achilles heal of the Left. I'm in favor of Labor rights (and opposed to the unfettered rights of Capital) but this conflation of innocent and playful flirtatious behavior, which both men and women have enjoyed for millenia, with 'sexual harassment' is flat-out insanity (squared). Women engage sexually in a passive way, by the way they dress (provocatively or conservatively) and how inviting they are….while men are active and are expected to pick up on such cues as the women give off and make a move.

    Men are shorn of any kind of plausible deniability while women are literally doused in it. Men are expected to be risk-takers, women to be risk averse and demure. Women should always, therefore, be very careful in how they present themselves in a professional setting so as not to give off too many conflicting signals nor to dress too provocatively. It's that simple. Men will pick up on such conservative behavior and back off; we're not dumb. Genuine sexual assault, though, involving excessive aggression and physical violence should be dealt with severely.

  17. if you go swimming with sharks then your safety is your responsibility. I am not going to be the one who attacks you but don't expect me to save you from the sharks. Your safety is your own responsibility. Don't expect a man to go out of his way to protect you from these predators if you can do something about it to prevent the situation. Its as simple as that. If there is no man around for protection then it might be wise to invest in self defense or buy a gun or carry a knife but for some reason people get all triggered by that idea.

  18. So probably the 100 yr old Indian woman who was raped and killed recently in her backyard was dressed too sexy? Rape is about power not sex and they do it to those they perceive as weak: The young, the shy, the unprotected.

  19. I have watched a you tuber who I say asks for it in a big way, I wouldn’t blame any guy if she was assuaged, I don’t even think she cares, she wants the attention and girls like her. make it bad for the rest of us

  20. you know, when I say everyone is stupid no one quotes me or mention me in the news…. why? just because i'm a commoner that doesn't mean that my opinion doesn't matter…..why no one hates me yet?

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