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May 2014 Breaking News USA Congress livid Irans UN pick ties to 79 hostage taking

May 2014 Breaking news Iran’s pick for United Nations envoy has ties to ’79 hostage-taking. What should US do? State Department officials say the USA is generally obligated to admit the chosen representatives of UN member states but members of Congress are livid at Iran’s ‘slap in the face’ of the USA

March 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Iran says warships sailing towards USA – Iran sending warships close to USA borders Associated Press The move to send warships to the Atlantic was announced by the commander of Iran’s northern naval fleet on Saturday, who described it as a “message.” The ships “have already started their voyage towards the Atlantic Ocean said Admiral Afshin Rezayee Haddad, in remarks quoted by Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency. Iranian media reported that two ships — a destroyer and a helicopter transport vessel — had been dispatched on January 21. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slams Iran move to send war ships towards USA Israel on Sunday denounced an Iranian announcement that it was sending naval ships towards the United States as further evidence that loosening sanctions on Tehran was counterproductive.

Washington (CNN) — A senior Iranian naval official says Iran is sending warships toward USA maritime borders to send a message, a move a U.S. defense official characterized as an announcement, not a deployment

February 10 2014 Breaking News Iran leader Alerts Iranian Air Force keep eye on USA states west enemies sends warships to USA border celebrating Islamic Republic since 1979

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  2.  I wouldn't joke about this…America/Israel has made a whole heck of a lot enemies these past few decades.. & enemies of America/Israel =  easy potential allies to Iran… 

    These other silent enemies(nations) are only remaining silent in anticipation of seeking a lead nation liken Iran with enough balls to take a stand against modernized EU imperialistic bullying & then assemble their own campaign under that single brave opposing nation..

    Iran is in biblical future prophesy under the title "Medes"..If you disagree,simply look up the definition for "Medes"
    (Isaiah 13:17,18) 
    Behold, I will stir up the Medes against them, which shall not regard silver; and as for gold, they shall not delight in it.Their bows also shall dash the young men to pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eye shall not spare children"

    & I surely hope that you are aware that the modern term for "bows" equate "missiles"
    Appears as if this Iran/Medes boldly know of their duty within prophecy..

  3. If I really post what I think, somebody will be knocking at my door to kill me. So, I will see if they can supernaturally read the marquee in my heard. USA is so fucked. Thanks pres!

  4. I hope they have some glass bottomed ships so they can inventory both their navy and  their air force after we get through with them

  5. Alright.That's it. I am tired of the b.s. it's time to send them a message and clearly our government is run by a bunch of cowards. There's a battleship right down the road that has leaks. I need help with buckets to scoop the water over the side. I need missile launchers and bazooka's and a spartan helmet (metal) with a Mohawk. I need a ship captain and 2 shots of jack and someone to paint the American flag on my face and I volunteer to send a message to Iran from we the people.

  6. It's the globalists that want war with Iran. After they take out Iran. New World Order time. One World fascist government. Is that want you want American?

    Of course it's what you want. Oh, guess what! After their done with Iran they will turn and attack you! Enjoy you stay at camp F.E.M.A.! Well…those of you that aren't killed off in the purge.

  7. Guys why in gods green earth would Iran send warships. Apply logic to this they have basically a lot of the world powers backing them up on their nuclear program so I wouldn't really count this as anything. Just do your research and apply logic to these and basically makes sense.

  8. Oh well I think we should show them how it feels to have to wear garbage bags and be beaten everyday and should be raped and then hung by a crane by their necks for being raped so they know how it feels to be a woman in their country.Let's do play the game on how does this feel.

  9. If this was a secular country which we were dealing with (like China), I would say that this is probbably a bluff, but we're dealing with a nation with an official State religion.
    A religion which teaches that any man who dies in battle, automatically gets a free pass to heaven, where they get several dozen personal sex-slaves.
    And Iran also has nuclear weapons.
    so I don't know.

  10. They can always hitch a ride with one of our nuclear subs trailing them when they run out of fuel.. One of our Coast Guard Cutters has more fire power that those 2 ships combined.

  11. Iran just like the Communist countries, only try to BS their own citizen, how  power they are. Stupid move Iran, citizen of Iran are a lot smart than you clown think.

  12. Tonybanderas ur a complete tool and a fucking idiot to think Iran doesn't have nukes. There n bed with the Russians whovr been selling nuclear warheads since the end of the cold war. I hope your one of the first to melt so I dont have to put a bullet in you for wasting oxygen I could use.

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