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May 2014 Breaking News Hezbollah Iran controlled allies infiltrated USA mapped out targets

May 2014 Breaking News Commander Iran’s Revolutionary Guard We Won’t Leave Zionists with Air to Breathe that Iran would win in the event of a military strike.

February 11 2014 Breaking News Iranian commander states has targets within USA top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards boasted Saturday that his forces have plans in place to attack the United States from within, should the USA attack the Islamic Republic.
America with its strategic ignorance does not have a full understanding of the power of the Islamic Republic Brigidere General Hossein Salami said in a televised interview. “We have recognized America’s military strategy, and have arranged our abilities, and have identified centers in America [for attack] that will create a shock.” Reports indicate that terrorist Hezbollah forces allies of Iran have infiltrated the USA and have mapped out targets

February 10 2014 Breaking News Fox News Iran War Ships Atlantic Ocean USA Border –

February 10 2014 Breaking News Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei speaking to Air force military blasted the USA officials for their military threats against Iran despite international efforts and talks to settle the dispute between Tehran and the West over the country’s nuclear program, and said, “The Iranian nation should pay attention to the recent negotiations and the rude remarks of the Americans so that everyone gets to know the ENEMY well

January 21 2014 Iranian warships en route to Atlantic

February 10 2014 Breaking News Iran leader Alerts Air Force sends warships to USA border

February 2014 Breaking News Iran Commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps says US will be stunned by offensive power of Islamic Republic

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  1. That place is a hell hole where the Olympics are being held they gotta throw shit paper in the trash can because the plumbing dnt work

  2. so how is this any different from what the usa is already doing to EVERY country out there they are against lol…

  3. Don't worry. Just saber rattling. However, anything is possible. Such as a major storm or another Bermuda Triangle mystery. Gas released from ocean floor that's lighter then air, brings down ships and planes. This can be simulated with explosives under water. Or, there's the false flag ploy often used throughout history. An American sub fires missile from below Iranian ship, directed at America. Well recorded on many radar systems above water as to Iranian ship location. America ready shoots it down over ocean. Then sinks Iranian ships. No worries. 😉

  4. The elephant in the room…just may be these warships enabling themselves in a position to use electromagnetic pulse weapons on our grid.   

  5. poor bastards! …when they get too close to US waters, they will be ERASED!!! – surprised at NATO for letting them Even sail past CRETE!!!

  6. If this is factual I'd be worried about a decoy tactic, I mean two Iranian warships? I'm surprised they aren't made of wood. Maybe we should send Dennis Rodman on a paddle boat to go negotiate.

  7. Yes we do and I don't agree.  However we're not killing our own nor are Canada Mexico or Cuba.  Lets face it we do have our hands in all political facets World wide…and if you look throughout history all super powers play this role…I would say that we are a bit less tyrannical then most.  The question would be Why Is Iran sending ships??? 

  8. Babylon is going to fall as it says it the great book… and the Third Seal will be opened as well with the famine that will come from the debt and dollar value dropping…

  9. These are international waters. These reporters are tying to tell you that only the U.S. has access to international waters and anyone else can go screw themselves. How hypocritical.. 

  10. There are either a lot of trolls or morons commenting here! You people are talking crap like this is a football game? Don't you get it? WWW3 = everyone loses! Your family glowing in the freaking dark or worse fried to a crisp! Wake the hell up! Ok, all stupid people take a seat in the back and shut your propaganda traps! This word is being destroyed by Psychopaths! And you idiots are rooting your way into the grave.

  11. just google AYATOLLAHS LITTLE GREEN BOOK, and remember every iranian lived and believes the rules in this book,everything is covered ,if you get caught fcuking your neihbours sheep you have to sell it to an infidel, if a fly flies in your mouth juring fasting and you swallow it you must start prayers over,it is best for a girl to have her first menstral cycle in her husbands bed, etc etc,these people are fcuked and they want the 74 virgins in paradise and they believe they'll get them for killing infidels

  12. Israel have had missiles launched at them for years and they are a small country and yet they still exist. It will be like 9/11 and many will die and the place will be contaminated. Maybe then people will see that a "peaceful" war where we send soldiers to be slaughtered in order to police them instead of dropping bombs on them like we did after Pearl Harbor to send a REAL message to Islam and their kill every Jew and wage Jihad and dominate the people of the world.

  13. My only question is how much more do thing have to be wrong before this world repent.? I do think it is getting close to the rapture and I don't have much to look forward in this life…I'm letting my car go back to the bank.. bank come and get your car.. lol.. all the cards on the table and everyone lost.. …Jesus come quickly come..!!

  14. Mr.Bolton, appears to me that you are not involved in the game any more.any kid knows the Iranian warships are going to act as cargo ships , bringing back civil airplane parts. I never liked you

  15. Question: Is not  U.S GovernMental not treating Iran don't ask Libya, Iraq or the other five places already invaded and U.S. Sick-O-Sins are still looking for the weapons of mass destruction -you may find them in FUCUShima   and California

  16. Yea bla bla bla, invest more trillions in army you Americunts and millions of Muricans are starving, just make a visit to Detroit to see your brothers how happy they are! I am pretty sure that they don't have time to fear Iran. The best country in the world my a$$

  17. This is 2012 footage because on the right at 3:25 it says Assad says he hasn't ruled out running for pres in 2014 and at the bottom at 3:13 it says Iran has refused to accept a peace plan at a 2012 conference, also in the description it says breaking news February 17 2014 yet it says the video was published February 10 2014.

  18. LOL
    Is it for real or a joke?
    First idiot : Iran is sending a sailboat to Atlantic ocean so we should attack Iran with nuclear weapons and kill them all.
    Second idiot : yes, the sailboat is armed with blow gun and knife so it's a threat to united state and Israel so we should wipe out Iran from the world map.
    I just don't understand why such an advanced people like American have a stupid leaders and listen to bullshit like this.

  19. omg ,so please some1 explain to me how 2 Iranians warships are a threat to America,maybe I am missing something

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