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Markets stumble as China-US trade conflict ramps up

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China is preparing retaliatory measures, urging the United States to “pull back from the brink” after Donald Trump announced tariffs on some $60 billion worth of Chinese imports. Markets in Asia saw steep drops following the news as investors now seek safe havens, like the Yen. Also on today’s show: Facebook apologises once again for the Cambridge Analytica data breach. And, a Hong Kong company is offering pet owners the trip of a lifetime… if they can afford it.

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  1. china is not stupid, for products with less options there's no point to tax as it will just make it more expensive for consumers as they wont have alternatives… hit boeing, go for airbus.. hit gm, chrysler, ge, google, starbucks

  2. No country is self-dependent economically in the world than America. That's why if America wants to fight u on trade war the most sensible thing to do initially is to show restraint, hoping they would have a second thought. Only if the EU, China and the rest in solidarity fight against America, and then they would be able to subdue America.

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