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March 2014 Breaking News Iran deal progress dampens push for new USA sanctions bill

March 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Iran deal progress dampens push for new USA sanctions bill

December 30 2013 Breaking News DUBAI (Reuters) Iran will meet with world powers to meet next week on nuclear deal –

November 24 2013 Breaking News Israel stating This is a bad deal. It gives Iran exactly what it wanted — a significant reduction of sanctions while preserving the most significant part of its nuclear program the right to enrichment opens arms race’ with Iran. According to him, deal dangerous not only for Israel, but also for Egypt, Turkey, Gulf states

November 24 2013 Breaking News Iran nuclear deal will make Israel safer stated USA Secretary of State John Kerry

November 23 2013 BREAKING NEWS Israeli Cabinet minister: Iran deal based on deceit Israel can’t celebrate

November 24 2013 Breaking News Israel denounces Iranian nuclear deal, says assessing options

November 23 2013 Breaking News Iran Nuclear Program deal reached President Obama hailed the deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program as a first step that achieves a great deal in the effort to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon

November 23 2013 Breaking News Iran says will construct two more nuclear power stations

Iran and world powers announce deal on nuclear program

November 23 2013 Breaking News Iran Nuclear Program deal reached Iran Nuclear Deal Done – Last Days Final Hour News Prophecy Update

Iran Agrees to Deal With Powers to Curb Nuclear Work

November 23 2013 Iran, six world powers clinch breakthrough nuclear deal

Agreement reached with Iran on nuclear program

November 23 2013 Deal Reached With Iran Halts Its Nuclear Program

November 23 2013 Deal Reached in Iran Nuclear Talks

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  1. Cartoon News Network seems very excited…This deal IS BAD!
    Obozo just guaranteed WW3, which is what he's wanted all along…

  2. Um, so someone please, beyond the unbounded hysteria, clearly state why this will lead to WW3? As with any deal, there will be monitors and if Iran starts to supersede the boundaries of the agreement, then the sanctions are reinstated.  Worst case is the U.S. strikes Iran to ensure Israel's safety so you would have conflict on that side of the issue as well… I think sometimes we get so eager for the rapture/tribulation/armageddon/millennium, that we take every news event as some major harbinger of these events.

  3. Historic??? Yeah, historically SCREWED! Only a complete moron would consider this to be a good thing. Talk about a deal with the devil. With that said, why even listen to what Obama says? It is all lies, lies, lies.

  4. This is the first step in my opinion in the prophetic peace treaty that is to signed in the next few months. They are following scripture like the guide book that it is!

  5. JFK's Letter To Israeli PM Eshkol July 5, 1963
     "Dear Mr. Prime Minister (Eshkol),
     ….. You are aware, I am sure, of the exchange which I had with Prime Minister Ben-Gurion concerning American visits (ie: inspections -ed) to Israel's nuclear facility at Dimona. …. We welcomed the former Prime Minister's strong reaffirmation that Dimona will be devoted exclusively to peaceful purposes and the reaffirmation also of Israel's willingness to permit periodic visits (ie: inspections -ed) to Dimona."
     JF K assassinated Nov 22 1963

  6. you people are sick , in iran people are so happy ,im saying people not government ,and you people are talking about ruining these peoples lifes and talking nonsence about religion , grow up people , in iran nobody hates  israel or america , you are making an imaginary enemy ,and you are so scared of that , people in iran suffered enough because of the this stupidity , so stop it  just stop this nonsense , let them live their lives , we are not interested  in any war

  7. Iran just watched the US attack two other countries in the region.  It watched Iraq get attacked for no good reason.  If I was Iran, I'd want nuclear weapons too, for defensive purposes.  It also watches the US break its own UN agreements over and over and do things like ship attack helicopters to Israel for them to use against its enemies, or break the nuclear proliferation agreement and let Israel have nuclear weapons at all.  If the US is serious about nuclear proliferation in the middle east, then it has to start talking with its buddy countries to get them to disarm.  You think if nobody else in the region had nukes, Iran would still be so anxious to get some?  Or if the US was super serious about 'stability' in the Middle East, it would develop its renewable energy at a faster pace so that it would no longer be dependent on oil.  'Stability' means to the US a stable flow of oil at all times, so as to not rock the global economy.    

  8. People!! Stop having pointless arguments about rapture. What will this profitate you? The Lord will come in his time, wether before or after. It doesnt matter. Just make sure that whenever Jesus comes back, you are found living in holiness and purity.


  10. Wow all you who think your gonna be taking off before the tribulation are not getting the ordered events in revelation….. We don't just get an easy ticket out…. It's not biblical… Like wow

  11. Watch all the Jew Haters come out on this news….   They will say it's all Israels fault, it's the Zionist pigs causing the worlds problems, after all isn't that what Dos Furor said?   Israel is Gods chosen land and people, you have been warned throughout time and memorial.   Keep an eye to the sky, people, Yeshua is at the door… 

  12. Vigilant Christian…. Didn't you take a vacation… Miss the videos brother…. And yes the arguments of rapture are pointless but it's going to have people in a panic and people will drop off the faith if god doesn't show up to save them before tribulation… Unfortunate but this will happen…. Many will be deceived… Pray people… I'm going to church now… Praise The Lord on the sabbath… Which ever day that is you believe to be…..

  13. But,   Will they (Iran)  really stand by their word??????????  Pray for Israel and their Divine Protection.  Hallelu-Yah.

  14. STOP all the religious comments its getting to the point of not being worth reading comments , you read comments thay start to get good then all of a sudden it turns to get right wit will Jesus blah blah blah blah getting sick of it if Muslims did this on all the comments people would soon get pissed off with them , I'm not religious myself as I think for myself but tell me how is your god helping all the dieing people in disasters or dieing of starvation or is that just gods will to ……

  15. this pres of ours is a evil untrusting dirty basterd.he just kicked israel under the bus. i dont trust this man i never have.hopefully 2016 will come soon so this man can have never have his hands in american poltics again.

  16. This was  a good first step. Next I would start inspections by the IAEA on Israel's Nuclear underground facilities. This is something that people in America are starting to get going and the pressure should be building on our politicians shortly for this process to began. 

  17. LOL………………The christian fundies seem to be very interested in this story. 

    This is good news for us all, regardless of what some in Israel think.

  18. Wolf Blitzer… you call yourself a news reporter, but forget to report the terrorist acts committed by Israel… Perhaps you have aligned yourself with the terrorists..?? Let's see how fast you distance yourself when Israel leaders are charged with war crimes.. You are pathetic, start being a reporter, do your job and report the news, like other great people and not the news you want to report…

  19. We'll get war. War with China. Please notice the connection to China’s move against Japan and what Obama/Kerry are doing to Israel! They are pushing Israel to war with Iran, at the exact time that God is raising up China to confront America!
     It is frightening to think of America going to war in Asia with Obama as the Commander-in-Chief. This is the man who is a world evangelist for homosexuality, he leads the charge to kill babies in the womb and betrays God’s covenant nation Israel.
     He has done everything in his power to sodomize the military. Notice the short time between sodomizing the US military and China confronting America! The judgment did not take long.
     According to the Bible, they are preparing for their own massive defeat, but the US will be destroyed for being a part of it. God always gives people the government they deserve.

  20. Does anyone out there understand how stupid this agreement is?   Iran gets 9 BILLION DOLLARS FOR WHAT?  Doing nothing!!!!!!!!!!   Take the money and run and make the nukes to kill the US, Israel and many other counties.  ARE YOU THIS STUPID TO THINK THEY WILL CHANGE?

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