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Mar.6. Ukrainian War. Latest news of Ukraine, Donbass, USA today

Latest Hot News from Ukraine, New Russia (Donetsk DPR, Lugansk LPR), Crimea!
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  1. Please putin I am from Glace Bay nova Scotia in Canada my name is Dennis truckair I wish you would get together with the Ukraine pirmister and stop this Bulls hit killing your own people there no reason why there a war in Ukraine and the other countries in the east .I have a lot of friends in Ukraine yes there women so be a really man and put a stop to it and all the man in the east realize what you are all doing it only making it hard for your children to grow up . All they will no is war where I come from there no such a thing as war just the nuts over there trying to get there pocket filled with money will the people fighting get nothing but killed sons or kids who have no mom or dad because of this how heartless people are you really are you animals or what take a look at your self in the mirror and a good long one it all the leader who are getting rich why you all kill each other they don't care about there own people and I hope to get married to a woman from Ukraine so get a life and move on with your lives I can't say what I want to

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