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Maharashtra shutdown today over Maratha groups’ quota stir

Massive security arrangements are in place in Mumbai after Maratha groups have called for a shutdown in the city today over the community’s demand for quota in government jobs and education.

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  1. Haaa wahh!!! Abb hame v reservation chye sab me bat doo job… Maratha ko 2% punjabi 1.5% jat ko 3% kashmiri ko 4% … Ye reservation special q common bana do.. Yahn pe ky methye bat rahe hai (" hame v reservation chye") 😤😑😒

  2. Japan China USA Germany udhar reservation hai nahi duniya kaha ja rahi robots electric vehicles etc and these people are going backward grow up

  3. #आम्ही_तुला_शांततेत_मागितल
    पन आता तुला 👊ठोकुनच घेनार
    सुरुवात झालीय…तयारीला लाग
    🚩मराठा आता पेटलाय…..

    मराठ्यंच वादळ आलंय

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