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Local Fox 10 News Comes to the Kilt Shop – Kilt Rental USA

Cory from Fox 10 AZ morning show drops by the kilt store! To check out our Scottish made Kilts, Sporrans, Bagpipes, and many other Highland gear.

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Like Kilts, Sporrans, Gillie Brogues, Prince Charlie and Argyle Jackets, Kilt Hose, Sgian Dubh, and many other Scottish – Irish – Highland Goods!

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  1. The kilt was worn by a minority of Scots in the north from the start of the 18th century until the end of it, and the vast majority of Scots have always worn the same clothing as the English and the Welsh. The kilt and tartan have little to do with Scotland and absolutely nothing to do with Ireland or Wales.

    This is why so many Europeans think American are unintelligent. 

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