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LObs super oox National news hax, freakin lead in story!

I’ve watched this ol show since I was a kid, and always had a goal of haxxing the live Times Square shot they used to have on the Jumbotron when Tom Brokaw hosted.. never know I’d be on as a legitimate story :[] Let alone with mah boy!

Had to include the closeout of the show because I always loved the majestic John Williams theme and the NYC flyover.. greatest news theme ever :[]

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  1. WOOHOO! And hey, channel 5 said you lived in dallas, I thought fort worth? cuz life is too short to live in dallas 😛

    Good job getting on national news 🙂

  2. thX :p .. sometimes kxas collectively refers to all metroplex residents as "from dallas" .. yet since they studios are deep inside fort worth you think they'd know better, as there is a huge difference in my opinion :[]

  3. nice job. sorry you had to endure that, but it brought you some recognition!

    ahh, lester holt. another guy who worked in Chicago that has done well, right up there with Bill Kurtis.

  4. actually if you watch the CBS one, they actually DID bring on the CEO himself to explain what happened on my flight.. muaha.. of course, he wasn't there so he used some throwaway excuse like "we can't control weather delays".. of course every plane around us got to take off, and there were no delays at DFW so he just winged that interview 😀

  5. Hey man, I just saw you on Nightly news again, saying they now have to serve you food and water and fresh air if stuck on the ground. WooHoo!

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