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Life in the Shadow of US-Mexico border Wall – BBC News

President Trump’s administration has promised that prototypes for a wall to be built all along the US-Mexico border will be delivered by the end of summer. But will a wall stop people smuggling and drug trafficking?

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  1. Whos is shooting up schools, movie theaters, the Unabomber, and more,,! what is the race that produces More serial killers than any other??????? lol

  2. Car clubs, boat clubs and graffiti artists could create a wall of people who want to be there. What address do I send my dues to (on the boarded) for the calendar/tee shirt? Go red paint and Michael Bay with a theme park, log flume and all. Wall up y'all.

  3. Terrible documentary. Too much Spanish spoken. Too much hassle to read that much subtitles. Should have voice over-lay.

  4. We have been promised a wall by the dems for decades and now Trump is a racist for doing it.Some basic fact's that all should be aware of .Our annual border patrol cost's are 18.5 billion a year .The drug cartels profit around 64 billion a year and we have countless lives lost to the drugs and crime that comes to this country .Factor just incarceration and cost's to send them back is tremendous .Drive the cartels out of business and I could even justify sending mexico money if they helped

  5. The narrators accent is so this it's almost impossible to understand him. This is supposed to be in English. Can the BBC not find hosts that can speak English clearly?

  6. Maybe along with the wall, maybe they need to restart the Landmine production plants, that worked pretty well in the DMZ When it gets bak to the Mexican towns that hey you'll face certain death and dismemberment if you go near the border they might rethink it.

  7. I see the American Christian as the Anti-Messiah of peace for all giving their power to Satan in Israel to rule all nations and tribe by the bagged of the beast that kills for power and does not serve peace for all creations as it was in the beginning . They are a cult of all the evil of the world and rules over all the world through the world serving the wicked.

  8. Our true Messiah brought the good news for all creations to live in heavenly peace as it was in the beginning.

  9. The truth is that the government brings the drugs legally in big truck thru borders every day,everyone involved gets paid…everybody's happy…it'll never stop…ever…

  10. Yes build the wall, not fences. Keep out all cartels, freeloading baby machines and gang members. No illegals. US are sick of these lawless people bringing their ill mannered disrespectful ways. Deport them all and keep them out.

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