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Legal Pot States Prepare To Resist Jeff Sessions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Mayor Jenny Durkan, former U.S. attorney who helped draft President Obama’s marijuana policy, talks with Rachel Maddow about her city and state’s preparedness to resist Jeff Sessions’ plan to enforce federal drug laws in states that have legalized marijuana.
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Legal Pot States Prepare To Resist Jeff Sessions | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. If sessions tries to get rid of laws protecting users, there will be cartels all over the place. People are already growing pot at home and those that want to buy it will go underground. That's a lot of money that will go into dealers pockets, not benefitting states. Of course the opioid problem is created by people like sessions who get a kickback for promoting they're drugs. I would like to see sessions stand in a morgue and look at those under the age of 20 who have overdosed, etc. on opioids because they are easy to get, you don't have to wait to grow them. There will be a war like no other if laws that are in place legally go away.

  2. I think someone needs to help Mr. Sessions join the twenty first century… he does think he’s controlling the opioid crisis by handling the devils weed… the issue is that he’s still using 19th century thinking to do it…. the pharmaceutical market must be clamped down on. States with legal, medical marijuana are seeing 40% less opiate issues… seems like marijuana is a gateway AWAY from heroin… not towards it. Grow up Mr. Attorney General…. let go of your fear.

  3. Drug companies hate legal pot. It releaves pain, Parkinson's disease symptoms. and has become more socially acceptable than alcohol that is legal. You very seldom see people fight that are stoned. You see people fight when they are drinking !

  4. They're just trying to roll back anything mr. Obama put in place they have no plans they have no agenda they are going to give all the tax money to the corporations in the super rich and everybody else is going to starve in the street or starving jail

  5. If Jeff Sessions keeps this up will vote Democrat. Plus Jeff Sessions has stocks in private prison's and big pharma.

  6. I live in Marin county California, and saw all the med marijuana dispensaries go one at a time from 2010 till 2015 And that was under President Obama. Can’t imagine what’s gonna be next with the new war on drugs lords .

  7. America is doped up enough medicinal use only!!! I've seen firsthand what it does to people operating vehicles and was gruesome sight !

  8. Hemp/Marijuana isn’t illegal because it’s bad for your health, it’s illegal because it isn’t bad for your health. Keep’em Poor, Keep’em Sick, Keep’em Stupid. That’s the American Way!

  9. sessions allegedly own shares in privatized prisons thereby he gets dividends from those arrested. conflict of interest.
    he should be prosecuted for lying at confirmation hearing & subsequent hearing.

  10. The only reason Jeffrey wants pot to be illegal is because he does not want the states to get tax revenue from legal sales, he wants his crony lawyer buddies to make money putting pot smokers in jail.

  11. drink a 12 pack, you can run somone over, fight be totally out of control. Legalize and smoke 12 joints. your to scared to hurt someone except a box of twinkies. Dont take a genius to figure that out

  12. No wonder that the drug problem in the USA is a disaster, drug liberals be them Republicans or Democrats are destroying the health and the future of the young and poor. There is not one independent serious research that does not find the use of THC bad for health, there are proven connections between THC use and lower IQ, loss of concentration and so on. Why make it legal. If it is money the state can have high fines on the use of THC. If they are simply stupid elect people who still have their brain left.

  13. I need my medicine . I have saved the government 39,000 a month for smoking mj. Than paying big pharmaceutical companies.

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