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Leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal would embolden Putin – US and Russia News

✅ Top Stories Today – US and Russia News: Leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal would embolden Putin
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  1. Get out of this deal!!! Don't be a part of enabling Iran to get nuclear weapons! If nations complains, counter it by saying they are enabling Iran and we are not!

  2. I Putin actually said that that's actually the truth just look at what they've done to the citizens hearing United States imagine what they're doing the other nations with our military how they accuse countries are harboring terrorists go over there and pound the s*** out of him force him into taking the worthless Federal Reserve notes as their currency the criminals are here in the United States and they always have been

  3. everyone already knows the US government is untrustworthy;it's a foregone conclusion! however,they're quite predictable:they will react with some form of violence! the US government has little diplomatic skill! over 250 years of US history clearly shows that their only real diplomatic skill is hypocrisy and deception!

  4. Muhammad abdul_halim you fucking pig trud Muslim pig trud Muslim pig trud Muslim pig trud Muslim pig trud Muslim pig trud Muslim pig trud go fuck yourself you Muslims pig trud do violence all over the world that's a fact

  5. stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons?! this guy boris johnson has to be joking!Iran is already a regional super power with or without nukes! there's not a damned thing anyone can do about it! president ronald Reagan once said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran is a fact of history!read it and weep boris!

  6. It has written and it will be fulfilled. War is a punishment for sin. Mankind on this planet deserve to be destroyed for their sins against God and against other humanity. They never learnt from lessons in the past and keep on making the same mistakes over and over again and again. ARMAGEDDON IS COMING FOR GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED BY THIS WICKED GENERATION.

  7. President Trump is simply trying to save America. Obama set this country up to fail he set us up to be destroyed by other enemy Nations. President Trump has a lot on his hands trying to reverse what Obama has done and the bad thing is the treasonous son-of-a-b** is still walking around using our taxpayer money to live a life that most hard-working Americans will never be able to even dream of

  8. I don't care what you all say there's got to be a backlash from this statement but Trump is a racist and a bigot and the KKK because if anyone is looking at what this man is doing he is reversing everything. The farmer President Obama has done with Healthcare International diplomacy International obligations this man only purpose and game it's the complete reverse of everything that the black man did can you say that's not prejudice

  9. so international deal for this rats in washington not exist if they they will scream russia not respect international shitt law🙄..

  10. USA Government is untrustworthy, no shame, no pride. What to expect of nations built on genocide by criminals and whores using slave labor.

  11. Iran you deside what you want to do and dont bother about the US. US is full of trouble???

  12. It's not that Turdmp wanted to pull out of the agreement is that the Neocon amalekite fake Jews that own this country wanted it that way. Turdmp is one of them and now the message to NK is don't you be so stupid or you will be invaded and destroyed. Nuclear war is definitely coming for Iran is preparing for nuclear war, Russia better put their mouth where their money is.

  13. Pandora's box is open. If and when it appears Iran is on the verge of being a nuclear threat, it will be struck first with a devastating blow from which it will never recover.

  14. Well that proves to me Trump the nutcase definately wants war!
    Before he even got into power he was talking about nuking this or not!
    Not a good sign for a President to be even if was supposed to be a joke!

  15. This could prove to be a fantastic opportunity for the Europeans or Chinese and Russians to come up with an alternative currency to the Zio-dollar for international trade. After all is there ANYTHING that the US produces which cannot be made anywhere else at a better price and of a better quality?

  16. Now see what the Trump just done on C-Span I'm watching it right now I ran just said that they're going to write back to make nuclear warheads and forget everybody see what he just done they said they was going to have a nuclear weapon within months that they're going to strengthen and rebuild the stuff that to make a nuclear weapon and that just happened on C-Spa

  17. So Dumb could not convince Dumber not to pull out of the Iran deal ! So what is next ? Is Trump going to just try to wing it ? Is Europe going to see their large company's take another finical hit for Israel and the US. Do not be surprised if the US becomes isolated. The US have managed to piss off just about every country. The world trade routs do not have to go through the USA. Trade will follow the country's with the most populations.

  18. The European approach is nonsense because nothing can be added to the JCPOA. If they try to force Iran to renegotiate by imposing sanctions it would mean that they drop out of the deal and Iran can drop out as well. This may mean war and Israel, the USA and the EU may lose such a war. It will cripple their economies even further and the European population may not agree with this nonsense. We could even see a repeat of the French Revolution in Europe.

  19. This is interesting Trump called the media fake news. Now the fake media are telling Trump what to do and he is obeying.

  20. This British FM looks like he had too much to drink. WTF is UK doing up anyways ? Go back to sleep. Good that the Iran deal is screwed by Trump. Now Iran can have nukes and ICBM's to wipe Israel off the map. Good bye, Zionists. NK backs Iran 100%. May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

  21. Well Obama was the sorriest president ever in the United States and he made a stupid deal and Trump just Straighten It Up stop crying about it you're a bunch of ignorant crybabies

  22. this only proves US is unreliable and will always find some excuse to confront Iran untill Iran is only a puppet….but that won't happen…..just like the anti govt protests in Iran which were supported by US…US will fail again and will gain nothing while Iran will keep growing stronger….I just hope the Iranian govt don't trust the European countries too

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