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Las Vegas Shooting Live Coverage: At least 58 dead, 515 injured Near Music Festival

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  1. Manchester is NOT in London, or Paris!, why does American news always get the locations wrong in England? ignorance

  2. In Europe weapons of choice are cars and trucks running over people in large crowds / gatherings. Lot's of fear, chaos and collateral damage. No guns, same result. Motive and opportunity galore. This major event, who benefits in the long run?

  3. You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that ANY casino in Vegas doesn't have the clearest, cleanest pixeled, camera's hidden and in plain site all over their properties. Your every move is recorded and it is very common for Casino employees to go through your personal belongings once you check into your rooms. It is all legal. Footage of Paddock's every move was recorded and NONE of it is being shown to the public. It reminds me of the 9/11 attacks and the Boston Bombing attack, again recorded footage everywhere and NONE of it is released to the public. You are all insane to believe this 64 year old man did this. Your flippin out of your minds!!!!

  4. False Flag Operations happen all the time. The mainstream media NEVER covers these stories correctly. They are told to run with a particular narrative and that is ALL THESE SHEEP journalists know how to do. Any evidence is covered up by CIA, FBI and local law enforcement. Stephan Paddock's story is a perfect example, why? Because WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THAT HE WAS THE SHOOTER???? Where is all the Casino recorded video of Paddock moving around Mandalay Bay with his suitcases full of guns? Where is ANY VIDEO of this man checking in and walking to and from this casino? Why did the FBI go in and take his personal computer from his home and NOT share very important information that could connect the dots with the public about it? Where are the connections between Stephan and this shooting, other than his dead body in a hotel room? Why is the public being TOLD WHAT TO BELIEVE WHEN THERE IS NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE TO BELIEVE IT? Why is the Taxi Cab Driver's video so compelling with regards to being two different shooters? Why isn't the LAME STREAM media covering any of this? Isn't it obvious that this man was set up? The CIA and local law enforcement there in Nevada make me sick. Never trust law enforcement, ever!!

  5. I never bought a gun, but i would buy one for safety only. I don't like guns, but to protect myself and my home, i would buy one. The nutcase, Stephen Paddock, as well as every other nutcase who mowed down multiple people over the years, bought guns to kill people. Paddock bought rifles, as well as bump stocks, and wanted to mow down as many as he could. The whole thing is very anti-climatic, as he died so fast. He had an arsenal in that hotel room, and could have been quite a hard person to take down, had officers gotten into that room. To kill himself was so lame. He died so easily. It was unlike a horror movie, where the villain continues to stay alive, just when people think he has been killed. This guy gave up so fast. It doesn't make sense, really. I think there was more than one shooter. There is a video that shows the sound of the gunfire, and it is different than other gunfire that went on about the same time. I believe that there was more than one shooter. I also believe that possibly, the other person was in the hotel room as Paddock, and may have killed him, just to throw off the scent. It makes sense. The sad thing is, some nutcase is watching this video. He has seen the body count, and he has plans to exceed 100. These shootings are getting worse and worse. It might be worse the next time a big time shooting takes place. Let's hope not, but like i said, these shootings are getting worse and worse.

  6. Here's some advice for all those outside the US who feel they have to lecture the Americans about gun laws: A US citizen killed (confirmed atm) 58 other US citizens and then himself – all on US soil. So why would you tell them what they should do about their gun laws? For my part as a European, these 59 dead Americans in America are none of my concern. Even if that would happen every hour in the US and Americans would kill each other by the millions for no other reason than simply having the necessary firepower to do it…..still not my concern.

  7. I was there in the mess not like people watching videos taking them apart and making stories up way off from what actually happened, they should show their support and respect to the wounded not calling them actors… I have seen them live….instead of taken videos you think you can analyze apart everyone should figure out how to prevent events like that. There are so many ill people around us… and nobody can see that, really… in my hotel people panicked hysterical screaming active shooter in the hotel, when wounded running in, a women, it’s also on a video flying around on Facebook and YouTube, running with flip flops not sure what her soles are made off sounds like wood or some hard material, she is running over tile floor and is making a rattling like gun sound noise if you just listening for a second till you concentrate and then you see it oh it comes from her shoes…. there was not a shooter in our hotel, just panic because bleeding screaming wounded came in from the concert and people assumed we had a shooter, instead we got wounded in our hotel and hysteric hotel guests panicked and creating a whole mess in the hotel which mad the situation worse, with that said, this situation happened in several hotels around the Mandalay bay simultaneous and similar to what we saw in our hotel, the cops got 32 calls with 32 different shooting location till they figured after sending cops to all this location including our hotel its only one location, they wasted time on the fake location and false reporting, to be on the actual location the Mandalay bay and that’s what we have seen as a guest and experienced there been actually there in the middle of it, also people were thinking its fire work, people where drunk and did not notice this is a serious situation, people where paralyzed by what happened, there was loud music, dancing drinking it takes a minute to rap your mind around what’s going on around you….

  8. This was ridiculously misguided. Isis? He was all American, Trump supporting , middle aged, rich , white American. Just another sicko with an arsenal.

  9. VERY VERY ODD. If this county authority is so absolutely positive that there had been "ONLY ONE, NOW DECEASED ACTIVE SHOOTER" etc etc, "no worries, pay no attention to social media ONLY ONE PERP HERE" (I'm paraphrasing) –
    Then WHY were they keeping the patrons in their hotel rooms….
    refusing to let them leave?

  10. 1:04. "I'm like in the line of fire, thinking about my 11 year old daughter, George you met her when I was in the studio last year". Small world. George deserves an Emmy for Crisis Witness Leading.

  11. just think a shooting today ,within hours we know the death toll the shooters name his cause his background the amount of bullets, the guns the gun count. you can go on and on. ============== this is a investigation, a crime has been committed, if it were real life…………. this is evidence protected by law ,,,right?????? just a thought

  12. if one took part they would also be responsible for supporting the story line????????????????????? and owe what a line.

  13. Yea blame this on America even though there seems to be some kind of phillapino involvement? Lol pls things are even worse with gun control in other countries too. 
    Americans aren't that stupid, we know there wasn't only one shooter. Anybody with a brain knows what multiple gun shots sounds like vs one gun.
    Now there saying security guard in the hotel was an illegal? Were is the proof that Stephen was shooting in the first place? You would think a hotel would have that footage. But they don't want to show it because the hotel lied about it.
    If u people hate America so much why keep coming here? Stephen was an American but I sense that he was blackmailed and stalked. Why else did he send his gf away?
    He didn't really want to do this he was put up to it. Probably by some asshole in the phillipines somewhere. 
    And he wanted his loved ones safe away from it. So how can we all just assume he had intent to do it and no motive? I may not know the facts about it but I also wasn't born yesterday. You need proof before you come to the conclusion that he acted alone. Time to find the real shooters.

  14. Omg. This the zionists are trying soooooo hard to take peoples guns in the US. Now its a false flag against redneck hunters. Try again isis/israhell. Not going to work on rednecks lol.

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