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Larry Nassar: victim’s father attempts attack in court

The disgraced former USA gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar had his sentence hearing interrupted as one of the victim’s parents attempted to attack him. Randall Margrave, a father of three, had previously asked for ‘five minutes alone’ with the man sentenced to 175 years in jail
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  1. Every one ignores his Enablers! He is only a Perv, Not Manson, Not a War Criminal! You focus on him rather than ones who protected him

  2. Good for him, his instinct was to defend his children. As a father I tip my hat to him, can't say I wouldn't have been compelled to do the same thing. That's a man who is truly hurting at the fact he couldn't have prevented this (and there was really no way for him to) so he just acted on pure instinct and rage. God bless him, his daughters and the rest of the victims of this sick SOB.

  3. It's this kind of person that kids can't talk to, and that's part of the reason why "trusted" people like Nassar get away with it so long.  The anger is understandable, but it's an obstruction all the same, because it's always there really.

  4. he did what any father would do….. just imagine learning about how your daughter has been molested for years by the man you trusted

  5. 10 minutes is pretty lenient considering his daughters are of over 256 "reported" victims. I'd let the man kill the weasel.

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