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Kim Jong Un Vows To Denuclearize North Korea In Historic Summit With President Donald Trump | TODAY

Overnight, President Trump and Kim Jong Un came together for unprecedented talks between the U.S. and North Korea. Kim agreed to work toward the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, while Trump promised to suspend U.S. war games in the region. NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt reports for TODAY from Singapore.
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Kim Jong Un Vows To Denuclearize North Korea In Historic Summit With President Donald Trump | TODAY

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  1. Haha when he gives up his nuclear weapons
    If he does he will have no choice but to face war like Lybia.
    N Korea you will suffer 10x more if you do listen to America

  2. if north korea said yes to denuclearization they're stupid, they will regret
    why should any country give up its nukes if the US and other superpowers don't?
    The white man is the most dangerous and violent creature ever made by Satan

  3. Fair play to Kim. He got the pressure of his people thinking he's a god. Sure, he's a megalomaniac and an oppressive dictator but you can't help but feel some respect for the guy. He's in a place that he has threatened, a place where many people aren't fond of him. He genuinely looks scared. But he's done it. And I hate to say this but I actually feel a bit of respect for trump. Thing is Kim probably knew that he was now dealing with another idiotic mad man, and realised that he isn't really scared of pushing the button. I guess to idiots make peace out of fear of each others idiocy.

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  5. How does president MORON say excellent relationship to dictator killer when he met a few hours ago. What a president buffoon over there ? who doesn't know what he is talking about….!!!!

  6. What did Trump get for himself? Who is going to be the purchaser of NK nuc's? No one can trust either one of them. We must ask what are they both really up too?

  7. LOL, and all the liberals are freaking out. they're calling this dangerous and would rather have a nuclear war just so they can blame trump. You all libs have stage 6 Trump Derangement Syndrome

  8. Trump did a great job no doubt and under no fault of him North Korea is going to bomb us at a unexpected time and from unexpected place which will be from the 4th tunnel that wasn't blown up at the test sight. It's going to be bad but there is much worse coming after that that going to try and end man kind. you shall see very soon. God help us all.

  9. Trump did a great job. Remember that someone has to take the first step toward the changing of direction in the North Korean / American relationship. It is unfortunate about the past but as I said, someone has to take the first step, otherwise nothing will change and that is unacceptable. What do we get? The way I see it, if Kim holds to the agreement, we get peace on the Korean Peninsula and another non-nuclear country, that could have gone the other way. The people of Korea get peace on the entire peninsula. We get the bonus of an Asian trading partner that can fulfil much of what China does in the manufacture of goods. Hopefully, we can get a better deal in that trade and the trade balance between America and the whole of Korea vs the unbalanced and unfair American / China trading relationship. The final benefit is that Korea can be the additional friend in the China Pacific area should that become necessary. Finally, if Kim breaks the deal, it will be easy to detect, especially if we have active business relations with them. There will not be any added risk that they will be more dangerous should they restart their nuclear program vs the recent active nuclear program that Kim has been working on. Lastly, we can always resort to the war option should we have to and N Korea wouldn't stand a chance against an attack by the US at any time, should that become necessary. In closing, I know and fully understand the unacceptable horrors of the N Korean human rights history including the Korean war wherein I had 3 family members risking their lives. Due to age, only one of them is still alive but I'm sure they would all say that peace is the better way to go, if possible and the past can't be changed anyway. Our unspoken history has much that the American people know nothing about, however, we need to take the first step, make new friends and trading partners. We should all thank Don Trump for his visionary efforts to upgrade and change the direction the North Koreans. We were on a treacherous stretch of railroad track, and now, thanks to our visionary President Trump, we are clearly on a best corrective path that builds a new, safe and potentially profitable relationship in order to better the future for all. Congratulations and Thank you Mr President for having the courage and the Vision to do what no other could.

  10. THE FIRST PRESIDENT TO EVER DO THIS WITH N.K..Successfully..No President has ever even met Kimmy boy..We will be giving Kim Jong UN AID…IL bet u anything..

  11. Reminds me of the Cuban Missle crisis which JFK solved when he was POTUS. However, how is stopping the "WAR GAMES" going to have a negative impact on the peace accord? Trump is right because if KJU is going to give up his nukes he has to expect something from the USA in return and the least they can do is stop the war games which has the potential to destabilize the peace agreement. In addition, as Trump has said it is a costly and unnecessary exercise.I have the utmost respect for Donald Trump and I hope he is re-elected in 2020

  12. KOREAN people of SK except leftists consider Trump their prez more than Moon, because they gave up hope about Moon who is working for China. Trump 2020

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