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Keiser Report: USA, USA, USA Today (E600)

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the USA Today headline stories on bitcoin and IPOs as a place where the wealth of the masses goes to be destroyed. In the second half, Max interviews Mark O’Byrne of about the end of the era of bondholder bailouts and the beginning of depositor bail-ins as Western central banks trade doom loops for bank runs.

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  1. Yet it still is knowable to yourselves that the only wealth belongs to you was own chance of a life existence(your awareness)? Nothing else has been gifted to you. The obvious knowable fact is that the everything exists by the God's Efforts are the God's property inclusive of your bodies.

  2. [ The treasonous criminals ]

    You who have lost the gifted intelligence for own insolence, selfish greed and proud lies(pretenses) have issued totally irresponsibly so much numbers as money for yourselves and to bribe your collaborators to enslave good people and have ended with such unrealistic numbers as much as to claim hundreds of times of the whole of the God's annual Earth production as your own possession yet still do not realise the own gross stupidities?

  3. Forces creates resistance…. And, not to be a troll (anti-some movement), but, how about BTC storage options & possible suggestions. I'm mean I have 3, if localbitcoin goes down, I'm broke, in real life. CoinPunk block transfers for a bit, prompting me to vacate. The whole show is be wary where you put your wealth. Ok, good idea.

  4. There is no such thing as "American technology". Americans stole all their scientists and engineers from other countries like Germany, Russia, Japan, and China. It might be "made" in America but I'll guarantee you it was "first made" by someone from another country. And it's probably "being made" here now by someone from another country.

  5. Max, this guest was boring as hell man. He speaks in some monotone voice, seemed unprepared with lots of introductions to his unfinished thoughts, almost no conclusions, not to mention he couldnt speak in layman's terms. I almost fell asleep watching this cat.

  6. This is why Bitcoin scares me….overnight the authorities anywhere could just say Al-Qaeda (or some other useful bogeyman) are using it and thus henceforth all companies are banned from accepting it as payment.

  7. Haven't missed a show in aeons. The only fix for humanity is to wean ourselves off all money–including the naive belief that money simply "facilitates exchange". Sound currency would solve humanity's solvable problems through gradual and universal prosperity. Now you understand why we can't have sound currency–Because the pushers of unsound currency would gradually be rendered irrelevant. No more war, no more crime, no more poverty, no more oppression, no more debt, no more taxes, no more etc., etc., etc.. It'd be bye bye evil establishmentarians!

  8. The upcoming November elections in the USA will be the best election EVER!
    So much money will be spent because of Citizens United and McCutcheon v. FEC.
    Finally, politicians can say whatever they want and not face any consequences. The elections have already been bought and paid for.
    The full glory and pinnacle of capitalism will be on display for all to see.
    We need more Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Glen Beck, PLEASE!

  9. Wonderful news, rejoice, our politicians will now piously accept Bitcoin donations to their election campaigns. That's real progress in politics. I think anyone who wants the job should put their name in a hat and we'll just have a draw for our representatives, as previous experience seems to be a handi-cap to honest service – if they do well, we keep them in office and if they're proven to be corrupt SOB's betraying our trust, stealing public funds or allowing them to be stolen in league with kleptocrats – well, we just send them off to the gulag, like Stalin did. "Pour encourage les autres!" Methinks the quality of public office would improve immeasurably.

  10. i still laugh when americans say we are free, this is a freeee country dude… ya, oh never europe man oh no man they scare me, haaaaaaaaaaa  you are not freeee okay and how can you all pay so much to watch tv, ah my god you guys pay what 5 families pay or more, it´s sick, i remember when i lived there, i just did not bother…  i would watch movies when i had time or mostly fuck my babe she is sooooo cute

  11. I love how these guys just keep yakking, yakking, yakking BITCOIN, yet actually investing in Bitcoin requires basically a PhD degree to do. You can't do it. You need what's called a 'wallet,' & good luck in getting a 'wallet.' It's a total mess to get a 'wallet.' You don't know who, where, how & then when you do get a 'wallet,' you stand great chance of getting ripped off by a online bot fishing for clueless new investors- ZAP!!! They'll steal every Bitcoin you got in 1/2 second!!! If max really cared about your ass, which he could care less about, he'd dedicate a segment outlining how the process of investing in Bitcoins goes. But guess what? He won't do that because he could give a rats ass about actually helping you & is in all this crap strictly for his own self aggrandizement.

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