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Kalpesh Sharma (IT Expert Opinion) – LIVE ON AIR – National News Telecast

Kalpesh Sharma (IT Expert Opinion) – LIVE ON AIR – National News Telecast for 125 million Indian Citizens Interest. This telecast was about the opinion of IT Expert Kalpesh Sharma for possibilities in Electronic Voting Machines.

Blogger, Performer, Truck Driver, Serial Careerist, Cigarette Butt Collector. Let me bitch at you every day until you sort your shit.


  1. The video is deceptive as it ignores all the safeguards in the entire process. The "expert" can enjoy the limelight. The credibility is beyond dispute and the video fails to show anything to the contrary.
    However, good video for those who seek thrills and excitement. ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Manish Twari is the biggest Chutiya in Indian Politics . He is non Technical person and know nothing about technology .. Fuck you Bitch

  3. You See you can Discuss any Advance topics of Science like Atomic physics, Strings theory, theory of Evolution, Advance Computer Science Algorithm, Digital Electronics. Microprocessor and micro-controller Architecture etc . with digvijay and Manish Tiwari and they will always have some shit to tell even if they knows nothing about it these two men in congress are Lord of Chamchas and biggest Dickhead in indian politics.

  4. dhandhali huyi hai koi itna confidentiality nahi keh sakta election commission mili hai Bjp se preplanning thi BJP ki kese jitna hai…EVM MACHINE BAND HO..

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