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June 2014 Breaking News USA troops activities border Nkorea warned catastrophic military clash

June 2014 Breaking News North Korea warned provocative activities USA troops truce village border could lead to a catastrophic military clash

May 2014 Breaking News North Korea renewed a threat on Saturday to conduct a nuclear test

May 11 2014 Breaking News North Korea Says It Will Defend Its Dignity With Another Nuclear Test

May 11 2014 Breaking News Christians persecuted in North Korea

May 11 2014 Breaking News Christians worldwide persecuted last days news – North Korea Kim Jong-un calls for execution of 33 Christians

May 10 2014 Breaking News FOX NEWS North Korea issues latest nuclear threat, after Seoul says Pyongyang set for another nuke test

May 2014 Breaking News North Korea soldiers told be ready impending conflict with USA

May 2014 Breaking News North Korea soldiers, told be ready for impending conflict with USA. Pyongyang media reported on Saturday as satellites showed a nuclear test could be near

April 24 2014 Breaking News REUTERS USA urges North Korea to refrain from new nuclear test

April 2014 Breaking News USA and Allies warn North Korea amid reactor fears

April 2014 Breaking News North Korean Kim Jong-Un warned grave situation Korean peninsula military tensions artillery fire threaten nuclear test

April 2014 Breaking News North Korean drone recovered in South after exchange of artillery fire

March 2014 Breaking News North Korea tells United Nations Mind your own business concerning UN demand for justice

March 2014 Breaking News TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he ordered his government to confirm the safety of airplanes and ships that were potentially in the area of a North Korean missile launch, also asked his government to provide the Japanese people with quick and accurate information about the missile launch

March 2014 Breaking News Associated Press North Korea test-fired two mid-range ballistic missiles, South Korea said, hours after Pyongyang rivals South Korea, Japan and the United States met in the Netherlands to discuss the country

March 2014 Breaking News North Korea test-fires 46 rockets into sea two days in a row

March 2014 Breaking News REUTERS North Korea fires 30 short-range rockets

March 2014 BBC News North Korea missiles test in response’ to S Korea-US exercises

February 2014 USA sends 800 more troops to South Korea warned North Korea against provocation Washington – The United States said Tuesday it would send another 800 troops to South Korea as the allies warned North Korea against any provocation, amid deepening worries over the regime’s stability last days final hour news prophecy update

North Korea is believed to have plutonium and uranium stockpiles to produce 12 to 27 nuclear weapons, according to a mid-range estimate by the Institute for Science and International Security. The current stockpile is anticipated to be fewer than ten nuclear warheads.

The bible the only truth Zechariah 14:12 New King James Version (NKJV) And this shall be the plague (Definition of Plague To afflict with or as if with a disease or (calamity) Nuclear War) with which the Lord will strike all the people who fought against Jerusalem:

Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet,
Their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets,
And their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths.

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  2. Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to everyone on the marble; help them live free and easy.

    Holy Spirit, thank you for your new Love rays enveloping the Great Mother at this beautiful and pivotal moment of Now; let me increase you.

  3. why has the US and UN not come up with a plan to remove that dictator from power in N.Korea?  to risky or China wont allow it?

  4. The US/Britian has been forging all kinds of sanctions on North Korea, so they cannot import any oil or natural resources, and then they broadcast to the whole world: "Look how North Korean children are starving!"
    I'm not fan of Kim Jong-UN, but these psychopaths the US & EU will be face the most horrible judgment in the end, I'm afraid.

  5. With the U.S. military going gay now, We are going to be vanquished in many conflicts. Morality and order is going out the window.

  6. so its ok for the zionist usa to conduct 100s nuclear test   but  not  ok  for korea?!  what a  bs

  7. Rev 6
    How long will it be before enough people finally catch on to the ENOURMOUS  number of Earthquakes that are happening EVERY DAY now, in Oklahoma?  Oh.. you all can try to blame it on "da frakin", cause it's the flavor of the day conspiracy theory.. Ahh….but..I bet there's whole nother thing about to happen.. like an old N. American Craton that is about to bust a move!

    "The heavens receded like a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place." Rev 6

    The "one thing" that GOD has been waiting for to begin the tribulation, is about to happen..and you're seeing the lead up to show!

  8. Somewhere out there in Digital Land, there is a fat middle-class college commie who actually truly believes that North Korea is a wonderful land full of rainbows and sunshine … or it would be… if only the Big Bad Evil United States would just go away.  
    Worse, there's some college professor who teaches that very insane lie!
    Worse still, there's some total know-nothing deluded fuckwit who writes books claiming that the West is evil and the world would do well without it.   You know, fuck-wits like Noam Chomsky.
    You can understand why the poor North Koreans are so deluded… but there's no accounting for those who simply WILL not see.

  9. Who gives a shit. Ignore them until they attack. Once that happens we simply turn their country into a parking lot. End of story.

  10. I always use to wonder, 'How can the U.S. not be mentioned in The Book of Revelation? Maybe not by name but not even remotely alluded too? I have a bad feeling we are going to have something really terrible happen that is going to virtually cripple this still great nation despite a President who is doing everything to bring this country to it's knees. He is undoubtedly an enemy of the U.S. God help us.

  11. The "dear leader" is very fat, I think him and his comrades should start giving all their food to those poor starving children from now on. It's easy for the north commies to lay back and stuff those fat jaws and boss people around. I don't see how anybody could have the heart to do such things to little children and their own people.Those gov of N Korea absolutely infuriates me what cowards and losers!

  12. I just find north Korea all talk they clearly are run for the purpose of one man and soon they will begin to rebel

  13. Nobody in this planet has the right to play with Creation. The whole nuclear pseudo scientific fiction has this planet at the edge of total collapse due to IGNORANCE. Ignorance shovelled down the necks of generations of people the world over masked behind a THICK makeover of deceit. To all of those who CAN see, pray.

  14. Playing with the powers of the Heavens, only brings one sure thing… DEATH.
    To animals, vegetation, ecosystems and humans. Some, might call it ironic that the 'only' intelligent species is THE ONE ruining it all, EVIL is its real name. 

  15. 23 million people? They could rise up and assassinate the dictators!!! People need to wake the fuck up and stop being brainwashed by these evil bastards and get rid of them instead!!! Stop being controlled!!!

  16. US can not just go and replace the existing leader with another for the interest of the US. US will be at a war front with almost every third world country. The US should just leave others alone, only act when threaten.

  17. we had an almost identical report yesterday on channel 4 about belarus hostile and mocking from the start  no wonder western journalists get shot in syria and elsewhere the English ones should be banned and left to their real job  sucking up to the english royal family
     for those of you who are not english ill explain that every position of power and influence in uk is filled by people like her  born to the upper middle and upper classes privatley educated in elite schools ..this one speaks in an accent foreign to the majority of the population she is so "posh"
    theres too much to disgust in this report but i can assure you its typical of uk so called journalists

  18. all of my young life i was brainwashed into thinking there was a god and that jesus was the son of god  iwas also taught to believe in a mythical "royal family" with a god like special monarch .. i now i realise it was all liesand im glad ive left north korea   .. no sorry!! this all happened in britain..silly me !!

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