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June 2014 Breaking News China USA tensions Obama’s Asia pivot tested China’s China sea claims

June 2014 Breaking News REUTERS China USA tensions Obama’s Asia pivot tested China’s China sea claims

May 2014 Breaking News China hit back at the United States over the disputed South China Sea on Tuesday, after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said recent Chinese moves in the waters were “provocative”.
Tensions rose in the resource-rich sea last week after China moved a giant oil rig into an area also claimed by Vietnam. Each country accused the other of ramming its ships near the disputed Paracel Islands.
China claims almost the entire South China Sea, rejecting rival claims to parts of it from Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Brunei

May 2014 Breaking News Associated Press President Barack Obama confirmed America’s mutual security treaty with Japan applies to the islands territorial dispute between China and Japan

April 17 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Obama looks to salvage Asia pivot as allies fret about China

April 16 2014 Breaking News REUTERS USA warns China not to attempt Crimea-style action in Asia

March 30 2014 Breaking News REUTERS Philippine ship dodges China blockade to reach South China Sea outpost

March 26 2014 Breaking News Philippines to spend $524mn on 12 FA-50 fighter jets military upgrade amid territorial disputes with China

March 18 2014 Breaking News REUTERS China warns Philippine against ‘occupation’ of disputed shoal

March 14 2014 Breaking News The United States on Wednesday accused China of raising tensions by blocking two Philippines vessels as it urged freedom of navigation in the tense South China Sea – Manila air-drops supplies to troops on disputed reef Reuters
Manila air-drops supplies to troops on disputed shoal Reuters
China says expels Philippine from disputed shoal Reuters
Philippines asks neighbors to join case vs. China Associated Press Philippines protests China stopping troop resupply Associated Press The United States, a treaty-bound ally of Manila, said it was “troubled” by Sunday’s incident in which China prevented movement of two ships contracted by the Philippine navy to deliver supplies and troops to the disputed Second Thomas Shoal.

March 12 2014 Breaking News Russia and China both communist countries state part of Globalization international law and are flexing military muscle on gaining more territory as they say territory disputes.

March 2014 The Final Hour 3 of 5 Russia China USA Globalization Nato United Nations New World Order

March 12 2014 Breaking News USA NATO United Nations Globalization stepping Stones New World Order

March 12 2014 Breaking News Ukraine appeals to the West as Crimea turns to Russia

March 11 2014 Breaking News regional war in Syria Russia Iran USA Israel Saudi Arabia escalating

March 12 2014 Breaking News NWO NSA Webcams worldwide face recognition big brother data base

March 2014 USA Govenment gun confiscation – Last days final hour news prophecy

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  1. God, China no words can express how greedy & aggressive you are. You put the oil rig into other country EEZ and claim that it is your water. Why?????????

  2. deliberate provocation? huh PRC? when do you think we are planning to react after your series of lies?.. On 1995 you were confronted by our govt why you are building structures the said islands and you replied it is only for your fishermen's stop overs and protections for bad weathers which eventually turns out to be a military garrison. it is natural for us (PHL) to react on our behalf because your fishermen and warships are presently destroying it's natural formation. do you have an Alzheimer's?  

  3. People, people, notice, alert, alert, be for warn I had a dream maybe coming from bad imagination but I trust my senses its a bad one I dream of a hungry giant angrily looking for food to eat he is very hungry he has a big empty stomach to feed and he will eat are you superstitious well I'm not but I sense this as a bad dream or maybe just a bad imagination but I look at it as a warning sign or a bad omen for a possible imminent war looming around. For asean members I would seriously caution and inform your people for a possible futile war coming be ready, just be very ready and vigilant so war breaks loose you won't be surprised and at least you had been warned.

  4. Be for warn war is coming stand your ground and defend at all cost. Be steadfast a giant is very hungry he is coming to feed on you.

  5. who can trust in China now? What is wrong with chinese politicians?  They dont act like politicians, but gangsters and robbers. 
    China has occupied Tibet, Turkistan and colonized Africa. Now China tries to occupy Japan, Philippinene, Vietnam and whole world.  Shall we stay calm and watch? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. 

    We will boycott Made In China first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. A Chinese map published in 1904 by "The Shanghai Publishing House" does not show Paracel or Spratly within China's territory. AGAIN in 1908 and AGAIN in 1910 and AGAIN in 1936. Japanese navies and French navies from the 19th centuries all recognized these island as a part of Vietnam. Perhaps you should read the Geneva Convention of 1949 over again.

    Philippe Vandermaelen (1795-1869)
    A remarkable geographer and member of the Paris Geography Association and an Authority of Foreign Information Service.

    *In 1827 Philippe published 111 maps of Asia. 
    *Maps #97, #105, #106 and #110 are of Vietnam.
    *Map #106 CLEARLY shows that the Spratly and Paracel Islands are part of Vietnam's.

    If you want to talk about Ancient Land belonging to whom…

    1) Give back land to Tibet
    2) Give back land to East Turkistan
    3) Give back land to Mongolia
    4) Give back land to Philippines
    5) Give back land to India
    6) Give back HONG KONG and MACAU to "ANCIENT VIETNAM"

    Please ask the Chinese government to allow Chinese to be able to use their internet without restrictions.

  7. fuck china, we want just peace to see World  Cup in Brasil. you have a big population but not your football team in world cup. you cant beat anyone

  8. The USA,United Kingdom,France,Russia are the members of the UN Security Council and Law enforcer that is why they have the rights to interfere specially the problem is regarding to United Nations International Communities concern.This Problem is not Internal all are affected neighboring, including International communities that has the rights and privilege to pass through in the international water.

  9. peace and stability?  negtiation? ahahaha china already have military base in the west philippines sea china sa preparing for war

  10. What I don't understand is right now Japan claims almost the entire East China Sea and US warships patrol the whole Pacific Ocean. China only wants to claim the territorial water close to home, but it is accused of trying to dominate the whole Pacific Asia.

    Even if China gets the territorial water and islands it claims, Japan will still dominate the East China Sea.

  11. If Chinese Communist Party (CCP) can go into somebody else's territory and start claiming, "this is mine!," and if that's ok, then every other country on earth will start doing the same thing…  Or better yet, why not all the tribes in Mainland start claiming their own land and become independent… Make its own country and be happy for change…?!  According to CCP, there are 56 officially recognized tribes reside in Mainland… In fact there is no such people call, "Chinese," or "Koreans"…, CCP is right about this point that Mao Zedong simply copied the word from a Japanese scholar and today's common written language in Mainland is also copied from one of the Japanese languages call, "Chinese character."  As to Koreas (both north and south), puppets of CCP, they are founded only after the Korean war (1950-1953); it was Soviet and the U.S. that created them… (ck it out)  

  12. The Chinese newspaper Multi-Dimensional  said that the backing and support for Vietnam from the international community (in protection of the exclusive economic zone, continental shelf) is the " betrayal, duplicity " of China old allies and new friends  when the vast majority of this country" turned to "support Vietnam?!
    May be, China never think China is wrong.  Always China is victim and China is bullied by USA, and other countries: Japs, Vietmonkeys, Pinoys, Japs – as words used by many Chinese Citizen
    On 01 July,  Multi-Dimensional also comment that although public opinion (China) said that Vietnam will lose (?!) In a confrontation in the Paracel (the event mentioned is that China setting the drilling oil rig 981 illegally in its exclusive economic zone, continental shelf of Vietnam), but in fact Vietnam is not only strong on the field, but also accounted for the upper hand on the propaganda front, won the broad support of the international community.

  13. Of course China wouldn't want to negotiate as a group. They only want to dominate small nations. As for America's hypocrisy both should be corrected. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    America's misdeeds do not give China a free pass either, both are on the hook for their misdeeds with small nations.
    The UN International Rules of the Seas should be used not some imperial thinking of China and America.

  14. Being polite or giving some kindness and such will be considered as servant, puppet, wat else??!! Seriously so thats how it is now?! Think i must say its more of a childish acts. Peace out world. In fact, we are all childish. Immaturity been with us for ages LOL and adults nowadays is nowhere to be found if u know what i mean. Also maybe shall we stop swearing or bashing each other?which as well will cause for an intense provocation and more hates will occur that myt someday neva be united. Its bettah to give ur opinion without hurting an individual. Cuz we humans live in one world geez.

  15. Peacefully? China is the one who provoke other nation and bullied a small country!
    If china telling that spratly is belong to their accessors, so main land china is belong to Mongolia!

    Stupid chinese insect brain!

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