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Judge orders Obama-era DACA program to be restarted

D.C. District Judge John Bates upheld the ruling that the DACA program, started under the Obama Administration to aid those who were brought to the US illegally as children, must be restarted. Analysis from the ‘Special Report’ All-Star panel.

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  1. # my ass you friggin’ libturds, The initial act was an illegal Presidential act by the initiated by the Kenyan born, corrupt, communist, Muslim ex American hating dolt. These liberal judges are making law and not doing their jobs.

  2. Tell those illegal leeches to go stuff themselves. The only dreams they should be having should be on their side of the border.

  3. This was great reporting. While it was clear that all three support the President it was clear, reasoned and logical. This shows that you don’t need get viewers with screaming talking heads. Thanks for abstaining. The American public likes to think. You provided thought provoking points of view.

  4. The reasonable explanation is……WE AMERICANS DO NOT WANT TO KEEP PAYING FOR ILLEGALS!!!!!! Is that clear enough?

  5. A hosgepodge of illogical or post hoc policy assertions ? Says who ? Just because the judge doesn't like the new policy does not make it a hodgepodge of anything. Obvously the judge is a Crackpot Liberal DemRat who's mind is not capable of understanding LOGIC and only understands opening our border to illegals and trading welfare cards for votes…

  6. – Our economy can no longer stand on it's own,
    – Because the Greedy Mega Monopolies set the price gouge, Which affects the poor, & Middle class the harshest.
    – When you attack China's Low trade competitive options, you attack outlets like toys r us, and Walmart, and so on.
    – We saw what happened to toys r us, and all those jobs.
    – And to walmart's and all those jobs.
    – Attacking China's competitive low cost trade options is costing millions of jobs because companies that depending on that low cost overhead, and allowed the profits to trickle down to employ millions, Are being shut down by Trumps Trade policies.
    – Many of America's Corporate Brands are greedy, Charging more for their brand than off brands, Or low trade cost options.
    – This attack at trade competition by Trump will not help America, It will hurt it.
    – Fewer Jobs.
    – More homeless.
    – More Welfare cases.
    – Higher Crime Rates.
    – Higher costs of living affects everything.
    – The Rich tighten their grip on their monopolies after attacking one of their major trading competitors.
    – This attack on Trade, is Trump showing some of his true colors. A rich man, supporting wealthy monoplies, over middle class market value.
    – Without alternative market sources. So many industries, outlets, & millions of jobs are being lost. And The only Alternatives Trump has to offer, is boosted cost of living. Inflated Brand prices. Domestic monopolies that greedily price gouge the public.
    – Not unlike Big Farma.
    – We may Support Trumps disdain for the childish left. But He also seems to have a disdain for the poor. & middle class.

  7. Most of what filthy obama did while in office was unconstitutional and should be and will be all undone. This so called judge, (Satan's right hand bastard), can go back to hell where the filthy pig came from!! That filthy scumbag obama was the worst thing ever to happen to this world. He is the real devil in the flesh, that's why they stopped that movie from airing which told the truth.

  8. how in the name of god can a judge over rule a president no one did it to Obama who thought he god and just make laws on his own but I for got he is a dem so it is ok

  9. Apparently that judge thinks the president has the power to make law. Or was it just Obama and now Trump doesn't have I'm confused.

  10. Judge trying to make sure illegal-voters vote for the demoshits. Get rid of all slugs and leeches from south of the border and BUILD THAT WALL!

  11. Does the American people know the real truth about DACA. ,When Obama sign this order, well let me inform you .it alouds criminals not to be reported , that means rapes , people that were arrested for sexually assault on a minor, kidnapping child Trafficers child pornagrapy and even murderes are all protected under Obama laws and we can not have them removed with Obama order and the judge is trying to keep these laws in place.

  12. A judge has ruled that a scheme improperly introduced, without referral to courts, needs special grounds before the courts, for now being stopped. This is the type of overtly political decision, by a judge behaving more like a political activist, which undermines the rule of Law. These judges need to be replaced. The executive arm also needs to become more assertive in firmly claiming its own areas of competence, and facing these judges down. That after all, is what Obama did, when he introduced this scheme, and there wasn't a whimper.

  13. Sick of these clowns acting like they have right to come into the US. They don’t want to pay taxes. They don’t respect our laws because Liberal half wits have this sick dream that people will just get along if they force the country accept anyone including terrorists.

  14. Haha u clowns hate it don't u? I love to see u clowns squirm….Trump the chump is a crook and a traitor. Tell that hoe I said it.

  15. "God bless President Trump"
    "Trump 2020"
    "Trump is the best president"

    SI SE PUEDE!!!!

  16. Judge said: 🎵Don't want to be an American idiot.🎵🎸🎸🎸

    🎵 I'm not part of a redneck agenda!🎵🎸🎸🎸


  18. No longer “We the people” we are now, “We the President and judges.” We have to take our country back! The legislature needs to work for us!

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