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Jon Stewart Calls Out Fox News

Comedy Central host of The Daily Show Jon Stewart went on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. The Young Turks/MSNBC host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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  1. Cenk… "I'm different I swear. My wing is from a different bird, I swear!. Tough we both hate freedom, I swear I love freedom, I just won't show it and will just tell you so. If you don't believe it you must love Fox news… "

  2. Fox news purports to be a freedom loving, patriotic, fair and balanced news outlet.
    But they do EXACTLY the same thing as all State run "news" channels in countries like Russia, China, North Korea, etc.
    Fox knows the truth, disregards it and then 'reports'  their version of it. Just like Russia

  3. Fox News does a disservice to all Americans. Give us the truth based on facts and allow us to make up our own minds. Trust in us.

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  5. This is Incredibly Correct, FOX News is a news station made by right winged-conservative who throw around their OPTIONS and call it facts!

  6. Something I would like to mention. Whilst I agree with everything mentioned, the 97% of climate scientists fact is misleading. It is 97% of published research papers which, whilst still heavy evidence for climate change, does not necessarily mean it is 97% of climate scientists.

  7. To be fair, Wallace never said they weren't biased. He said that there is no order from the executives on what to do (Obama = Marxist for instance). Wallace specifically said that they were biased, but it is to be a counterpoint to other, liberal media.

  8. If fox news was fair and balanced they wouldnt have to put it on the corner of the screen.
    Has anybody ever seen them do anything that could even be interpreted as fair and balanced?

  9. Fox news is just one component of a larger problem with news media and a government that allows such "news organizations" to lie and mislead the public, so long as they do not use the "f" word on the air.

  10. right wing nonsense will always lose, eventually, it might take a while, but since it is not based on authenticity it will always lose

  11. I would love to see John Stewart debate Ben Shapiro so Ben's illogical argument jumping, and personal attacking of Left wing individuals can finally be called out, instead of facilitated on his shitty show, as well as Fox News, that doesn't allow much room for rational thought.

  12. what is the point of the subtitles? If you are deaf or speak another language, either way, they are so bad, they make no sense.

  13. Gotta love how when Jon Stewart is called out and cornered, he'll just say "oh it was a joke. I'm a comedian first." I honestly could care less what he says and like his show, but he takes the cowardly route out of an argument a lot. Saying "I'm a comedian; it was a joke," is the easy way out. By the way, for anyone saying Chris Wallace is a conservative, he is actually a Democrat. Also, the Young Turks creatively edit this just to show the footage which supports its point, just like another network we might know, Fox News. Lmao, I can't stand partisanship on either side.

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