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Joan Rivers storms out of CNN interview

Comedienne Joan Rivers sat down with Fredricka Whitfield to discuss her new book, but stormed out before it was over. More from CNN at

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  1. Wow. Glad for Joan (RIP). This young girl has the wrong profession. Never seen her before and definitely will never be her follower.

  2. We all love Joan Rivers CNN is nuts they just want after Joan for no reason but she told cnn where to go it's about time we all tell CNN where to go

  3. Does the interviewer think she is smarter than the rest of us we wont see through her pose of looking innocent, amazed, a victim, while she fishes for controversy at someones expense. She got it I suppose, congratulations, but this is why no one listens to fake news and her immensely important profession is held in contempt.

  4. This interviewer is a blithering idiot. "And I thought she was joking the whole tiiiiiimeeee" She sounds like a fucking ditz.

  5. How could she not be serious with you! you were very insulting to her! Did you really expect her to put up with your insults? pull the other one girl! learn how to pleasantly interview someone and then you can approach a celebrity. Be a bit more intelligent for goodness sake!

  6. Egad what bitch. ..I would of walked off a lot sooner…she is not a journalist just a " holy than thou" nasty cnnt….
    I miss Joan… she was funny… called it like she saw it…

  7. Joan Rivers don't mind making fun of people and laughing at others for a living. But Joan couldn't handle being criticized herself!

  8. That bitch's face looks like she has nothing but contempt for Joan. No amount of pretending could hide it. And the audacity to act like Joan was a "mad diva".

  9. Joan Rivers had every right to walk off. That little trollop was doing nothing but trying to push her buttons. Joan Rivers who has more class in her little fingernail then whatever that little b**** name is that was harassing her. Keep up the good work Joan

  10. The interviewer is a very stupid cheesy woman (she's not even a woman, she's a crap. A mess. And she did it in front of a camera. How stpd)

  11. Its not about them its about there clothing its not about their.taste in clothing .And you clowns beleive this drivvle from these ghouls

  12. Joan was right!!! The interviewer was trying to win brownie points on her job… she probably needed a pay raise!!! She never gave Joan a chance!!!

  13. And I thought she was joking the whole time, cutesy, cutesy I’m so nice. No darling your a witch that’s what you are

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