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Jeff Sessions: Here’s what I’ll do if Trump fires Rosenstein

Attorney General Jeff Sessions told the White House last weekend that if President Donald Trump fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Sessions himself may quit.

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  1. Trump isn't a student of history! Maybe if he didn't have all yes men around him someone could have told him that he would be under the microscope if he got elected. Its insane that his team didn't see this coming.

  2. after all it's Session's fault we have this "special mess about special counselor"He let Trump down and now he is under influence of deep state!

  3. Good let the no balls AG Sessions quit after President Trump fire Resenstein. This no ball AG Sessions is no use to us. He is in bed with the swamp and the deep state.

  4. Jeff Sessions is blackmailing Trump. I never have doubted Sessions is Deep State like the Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes…..just another one enemy of WE THE PEOPLE, our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Bunch of motherfuckers.

  5. Good Sessions and Rosenstein need to go.
    Here is a partial list of who should already be in GITMO. They are deep state junkies.

    Mueller, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Rosenstein, Yates, Killary and Bill Clinton, Obumass and Michael, Huma Abedin, Lynch, Holder, Rice, Harry Reid, Chu, Sebelius, Boehner, Brennan, Ryan, McCain, Kerry, Warren, Maxine Waters, Chambliss, Miller, Lerner, Janet Napolitano, Menedez, Baucus, Hastings, Weissman, Soros, Schiff, Dreeben, Quarles, Rhee, Zebley, Schneiderman, Graham, (Jeb, George W. and George H.W. Bush), Grack, Goldstein, Andres, Jed, Prelogar, Atkinson, Zelinsky, Ahmad, Freeny, Clapper, Wray, Blumenthal, Rumsfeld, Podesta brothers, Schumer, Pelosi, Bill Priestap, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele, Leon Patnetta and Samantha Power

  6. Sessions is SES traitor to AMERICA. He's under the payroll take this will come out. Senior Executive Services is non constitutional

  7. don't try to make sense. use logic, or point to reality, it is just not something any of these people understand. Critical Thinking skills are severly lacking with a large percentage of viewers. FOX tells them what to think, what to say and how they should behave. Yes I am a Republican and voted for Trump, nevertheless I seam to be so isolated maybe 1 in 100 that have the ability to admit I voted for him and still point out his flaws, his lack of American Values and yes Trump is pure Trash. Definition of Trash by Webster: to throw away (something) : to cause great damage to (something) : to criticize (someone or something) very harshly. Let me break this down. Trump has discarded any signes of human decency, ethics and integrity in the whitehouse. Trump is causing damage to our democracy, Trump has criticised his Predecessors, his opponents, American citizens, Groups, organizations, our institutions, our media, our poor, our agencies, very harshly. By webster definition what we currently have in the Whitehouse is TRASH. Fortunately the American People know how to clean house and take out the Trash.

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