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Jack Keane on the impact of US withdrawal from Iran deal

Experts fear the United States’ exit from the Iran nuclear deal could lead to war; General Jack Keane shares his perspective on ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream.’

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  1. Oh my God these are the same things that they said about NK. They went absolutely berserk. Isreal will blow them off the planet. And the rest of the Muslims are telling them to knock it off. I think that they should let President Trump make the decisions. And support our POTUS.

  2. let's just have the holy water already either it's iran Russia or possibly Mexico… maybe let's get it over with

  3. iran screaming everyday "we are going to annihilate Isreal gonna wipe it off the map", how would this be achieved WITHOUT NUCLEAR WEAPONS? There you have the proof they were still nuclear playing.

  4. WW3 + 4 already happened!!! Iraq + Afghanistan, now it's time to teach these Iranian camel jockeys some lessons !

  5. US please stop violating international law by invading countries, bombing countries, covertly toppling governments, funding terrorists, funding terrorist regimes, spreading global misinformation and propaganda, economic blackmail, etc.

    General Keane is a nutcase that is living in a parallel universe if he truly believes the distortions, lies and general nonsense he and US media is spreading.

  6. If America start sanctioning Europe for keeping their word it will delight the Russians – Has someone thought this through – Are we really going to sanction UK & France who shed blood with us in the Gulf War?

  7. From Iran: To all country
    Iranian Islamic evil regime is bad for the hole world, it is a cancer cell and if not stopped the world would be come worse and worse place to live in
    Pleas Do not buy Oil from Iran, All the oil money is used to support terrorists.
    Pleas help to free Iran from Evil Islam and Ayatollahs

  8. A Deal (or Agreement) is not a treaty. The USA had a right to withdraw from this nuclear appeasement, politically motivated, multilateral Mis-Judgment of Iran. The lifting of the trade embargo and all the cash they received was part of the "sweet, sweet Deal for Iran". Europe, be Damned, you Globalists. Europe is capitulating and weak and then they start the wars, usually.

  9. I could care less I want to know when are we going to fix our infrastructure 6 Social Security fix our school system our Healthcare System and our national debt

  10. 1953 our wonderful CIA helped facilitate a coup of the Democrat elected leader. All about the Oil. Sick shit IMO.


  12. TRUMP/PENCE IN 2020🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸

  13. As a non-American, I am so proud of the 40% of Americans who voted for Trump!!!

    America has been aggressive, intolerant, backstabbing, breaking deals, and undermining foreign governments for decades! And every time they did it, Americans wouldn't believe it – they would even say "other countries are just jealous of us".
    It takes a great leader like Trump to wake his people up, to show them how dysfunctional their country has become. He has thrown all the subtlety out of the window. He's showing his people the chaos and horror his country causes right in their faces!!!

    He is DEFINITELY making America GREAT AGAIN.

  14. All we need do is make it crystal clear to the Iranian regime that if they stage a massive rocket attack against Israel. The capital of Iran will be a radioactive waste zone.

  15. Israel attacked 2 hours after Trump withdrew, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand what Israel is trying to achieve here.

  16. The CIA and Mossad have been fucking with Iran since the 50's. Iran has fought to keep western oil companies from its reserves and they announced last year that they will not be selling their oil in US dollars. This is a major blow to the Petro dollar. This is just another ploy to incite Iran and provoke them. Iran has been on the hit list for a long time. The US and Israel would love a war with Iran.

    The Zionist regime in Israel is the o only terrorist nation in the middle east.

  17. Why the Fox news anchor or Gen. Jack Keane don't know that in 2015 the Obama State Department admitted that Iran never signed the so- called Iran Deal? How about European countries?

  18. I have a suspicion regarding John Kerry trying to save Iran deal and the objection of the likes of OBAMA. The fool Obama made this deal with the stroke of his almost empty pen and Trump took out the ERASER. Obama made the deal with a pen because the congress never would have approved this move. My SUSPICION IS THIS…..WHAT WILL KERRY, OBAMA, CLINTON AND PROBABLY MANY OTHERS NOW LOSE BECAUSE THE ERASER DID THE JOB. WAS THERE SOME WAY THAT PART OF THE 150 BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WERE GOING SOMEWHERE ELSE BESIDES TERRORISM, HMMM MAYBE TO SOME BANK ACCOUNTS THAT UNDER OTHER NAMES ACTUALLY BELONG TO THE PEOPLE THAT MADE THE BAD DEAL…HMM HMM JUST SAYING

  19. America's enemies… #1 China (North Korea), #2 Democrat Party (Deep State and their hacks), #3 Russia (Iran).
    Thanks to God, our President Trump is confronting all these bastards, head on!

  20. For 39 yrs since 1979, Islamic medieval Regime of Iran is plotting against Israel state and America in the Middle East and the world.
    It's about time that President Trump stood firm in front of them.

  21. I don't know what the plan is but I'm sure there's a contingency in place and I'm also sure Iran would be very sorry if we were pushed into using it.

  22. Iran spends about 12 billion a year on defence. That seems about the right size for the USA (600+ billion), Saudi Arabia (69 billion or so), and Israel (21 billion + several billion a year from Uncle Sam) to take on. No real risk is an absolute necessity for this kind of thing.

    The Christians of Syria? America is not on their side.

  23. Trump has an orange face, because he needs to cover up the shit stains from licking bb s ass. plus that's keanes job.

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