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Israel sends a warning to Iran following airstrikes in Syria

Lt. Col. Daniel Davis provides insight into the situation.

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  1. Israel has a right to defend itself? You can only call it defence if you have been attacked. There is no such thing as pre-emptive defence. It's simply attacking! Israel has bombed Syria on multiple occasions without ever once being attacked first. By Israeli logic every nation should attack its neighbors first. Before it's too late.

  2. In Truth this fool created a false flag and killed several people to divert attention form the fact that he is being charged with fraud and taking bribes. That's the kind of scam he is as for the apologists they are all bought and paid for long ago. People we need to WAKE UP. Stop being fooled so easily. Iran and Syria have done absolutely nothing to Israel, except they are fighting that scam that Israel
    and USA imposed on them.

  3. Good for Israel. They have every right to defend themselves. They see the truth of these radical enemies as they deal with them on a daily basis. The savage radicals who wish all Israelites dead would never show any restraint trying murder innocent bystanders in any walks of life. They even murder there own from religious infighting.

  4. Who da fuck are you to warn us you shitty Jew, your shitty jet fighter was down by an old SAM Syrian missile lmao ,then those motherfucker Zionists threat Iran itself lmfao

  5. When you see terrorists backed up by fighter Jets and tanks. You know its the American and Israeli army. Thousands in the west dead, millions in the middle east dead. This strategy against Iran has been the biggest cluster-fuck in history. Good job Fox was there telling every American why going to war was such a good thing. Its lucky for Fox that its viewers don't have memories or attention spans.

  6. maybe the u.s. will split horizontally at the mexican and canadian borders and sink swiftly down to the deepest part of the ocean and then keep on going. maybe the rest of the world would have a chance without you pathological people and your pathological government and federal reserve and cia and pedophilia and rampant corruption and military industrial complex and, and, and…. you are a scourge upon the earth. thumbs down on your dangerously misguided and destructive views. peace to our world and vision to our journalists.

  7. Thank God the Israelites are still dispersed around the world so God can destroy the pagan invaders in their homeland then call them home

  8. Israel is always playing the victim. Israel has been stirring up America to fight their wars ever since Israel took down the twin towers to put us in wars for them. Israel has been attacking syria for a long time and when Syria fights back the Israel leadership cries that everyone is against them.

  9. Israel has tried to take down Iran for around 30 years. Iran, as any sensible military will fight the war as far from his country as possible. Israels problem is that they see everybody in the middle east as incompetent and can't adjust when a competent military shows up. There has probably not been any analyses of consequences in Israels higher military circles because they are led by a person, Netanyahu, who dont know how to step down.

  10. God’s Word warns us, in the prophecy of Amos: "You also carried Sikkuth your king [tabernacle of Moloch] and Chiun, your idols, the STAR of your gods, which you made for yourselves" (Amos 5:26). This star was very likely the SIX-POINTED STAR — the star associated with sexual depravity, reproductivity, and whoring – already used in ancient Egypt! — the Hexagram

  11. Israel are pure terrorist but media pampers to them & treat Israel as victims. We need to stop all $ sent to Israel, they are run by a terrorist regime. Just remember these are same people telling you Arabs did 9/11. Google 5 dancing Israelis on 9/11 MASSAD IS bitches, karma will come & I can only hope everyone who was involved in 9/11 or profited from 9/11 gets your feet & hands ziptied& thrown off a sky scraper, the same way you bitches made others do. We will never forget

  12. Within a month of Donald Trump becoming President, the arms dried up and ISIS was defeated inside Syria by the Syrians and Russians, and in Iraq by Iraqis and US special forces. So what the heck has changed in the Trump Administration? What are they using against Trump to make him undo all the good work at the beginning, and break his promises to the American people?

    The evil Syrian army – how dare they ask their close ally Russia for help to defend their own country against US sponsored jihadists. One stray drone and Israel goes and attacks half of Syria. The Syrian government would not need "propping up" the US hadn't been attempting to destroy the Syrian government for almost eight years. General Wesley Clark said in 2008 that the US had plans to invade Syria after they finished with Iraq in 2003, I guess it just took longer to get around to it than originally planned, and they needed to figure out how to control a recalcitrant new President.

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