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Israel Netanyahu outraged over USA statement excessive force Breaking News October 15 2015

Israel Netanyahu outraged over USA statement excessive force against ISLAM Palestinians Infitada against ISRAEL Breaking News October 15 2015

Netanyahu United Nations speech Obama administration NO SHOWS USA total DISS ISRAEL Breaking News October 4 2015

President Obama slams Donald Trump will make USA great again on Hannity Breaking News July 28 2015

Donald Trump Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show High Ratings Breaking News September 2015

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June 2015 Breaking News Donald Trump declares @ Trump tower I’m running for President 2016 PART2

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End Times News Update Breaking News 2015 Netanyahu quotes Iran plans for the destruction of Israel

End Times News Update Saudi Arabia to allow Israel Fighter Jets use its airspace for Iran Airstrike

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Chief of Police Arizona Fired – First responders with PTSD National CRISIS Breaking News February 2015

CANADIAN HOME BUYERS/SELLERS ALERT – City of Maricopa Cobblestone Farms Police killing Breaking news 2015 for more information contact Cynthia Quillen 602-957-9191

City of Maricopa Police fatally shoot Iraq Afghan Vet w/PTSD Mayor Christian Price Chief Police Steve Stahl

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  1. Israelis HAVE to start getting some cojones and just shoot these bastards..start kicking muslims out of the land … get some cojones …who gives a rats ass what moron obama has to say..

  2. What we are witnessing in Israel occupying a group of people and slowly committing genocide right in front of our eyes. How can people who believe in God commit genocide and tells us they are a holy people sanctioned by God?

  3. So the Israeli government is using force to protect innocent people from knife-wielding maniacs, and Obama calls the Israelis terrorists. Something wrong with this picture. Why is it that so many of Obama's foreign and domestic policies seem to favor Islam????? IMPEACH OBAMA 2015

  4. When Palestinians kill jews they call them terrorist but when Jews kill Palestinians there not terrorist…. Zionist goal is to eliminate the Palestinians and that's exactly what there doing… Zionist are always framing Palestinians just so they have a excuse to kill them and break there houses down to only take the land and build houses for Jews. They took Palestine by force with the help of Britain between 1922 -1948. THE SAD PART IS AMERICA IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE DEFINITION OF JUSTICE WHEN ITS BACKING A GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT ARE COMMITTING GENOCIDE

  5. Who cares what filthy muslim nigger obama says,just machine gun these terrorist palestinians to death. Remember NIGGER OBAMA is a clone of HIS FILTHY MUSLIM COMMUNIST FATHER.BEAT THIS NIGGER TO DEATH.I.HOPE ANOTHER FENCE JUMPER BEATS THE FUCK OUT OF ANYONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

  6. Listen to these warmongering clowns act as if "Israel "is the victim, I hope that most Americans can see thru this nonsense, the state of Israel is not only the occupier, but is also a nuclear power, if things get really bad they always have those nukes to keep the World in check, so how can Israel be the victim .

  7. Its really sad how many people are against Israel. It's God's land and to demonize Israel or divide it is to speak against God, which means you don't understand what's about to happen and you will be left behind in the end.

  8. there called judah and benjamin and if your part of the other ten none jewish tribes there your brothers and sisters to.atleast they don't call our father baal like most christians.jeremiah23:27.lord is a lesser title than king and is the english translation of the hebrew word baal.suprise you been reading a vatican approved bible.

  9. Why should Israel be Obama's problem? How about Unemployment? The rising deficit? The two wars that special interest groups wont let him end. Obama is really trying to do his Job, but unfortunately his skin color is not accepted everywhere. The same people criticizing him are the same ones turning a blind eye to Palestinian oppression. #shame!!


  11. The world has had enough of the Christian Zionist BULL SHIT!!!!!!!! Israel is just like South Africa and will end up just like it , ask Henry Kissinger !

  12. I hear a lot of Israelis now begging the world to understand their side. Well , as I remember Israel made peace with a mass murderer Yassir Arafat. They took " a chance for peace" and it did not work. Now the Israelis have figured it out. You don't take " chances " with young Israeli lives like they were expendable so you can win a Nobel peace prize. Finally, Netanyahu's goverment is finally starting to do what has to be done.

  13. Everyone already knows who the people of Ahayah are: Only problem is, for some reason," American" negroes who are the true tribe of Judah (according to scripture )(Deuteronomy 28+) aren't back in the land. The "jewish" people there today have absolutely no relationship to The 12 tribes, especially Judah. That's where the term jewish comes from. According to the scripture the Messiah came to save His people "according to the flesh" DNA/family/ancestry. The fake jews there are German, Polish, Khazars and weren't on the continent known as Africa when the Hebrew Israelites were there. They faked the funk. It makes no sense that all the "jews from the four corners of the earth were gathered back into the land" in 1947 and there aren't any "Negroes" It's freakn Africa! The Ethiopeans were finally let in, but are treated worse than "blacks" in the U.S. Plus they're made "like unto the Hebrews" (vis-versa )but aren't us: Shemy, Judah, Igbo people. According to scripture, when we're in our Holy land there will be peace. There hasn't been peace there since they "jewish" got there. Late Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser already let the cat out of the bag on national T.V. He stated, You (fake jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here BLACK and came back WHITE. We cannot accept you!" It's not a puzzle. WAKE UP JUDAH-SLEEPING LION. WAKE UP ISRAEL-ROAR AND RECLAIM THE LAND THAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS!

  14. hei fukers stop suppirtung those moster goverment . israel is a monster that needs to be broken you fucks . you know you fuking idiots that stalin was a fuking jew , 90 procen t of kgb were stinking jews , the inventor of the infamous gulags wich were worst then german camps and in wich milions of inocent people found death you so called fredom fighters and for justice left to die because you did not stop the fuking jews then . the world has woken up you can not hide the truth anymore . you can do what ever you want eveb if you fuking jews scum control the main stream media the truth is out and spreading . you Can not stop it . It is time the stinking jews pay for their crimes . Good always wins in the end . and it is about time the evil jews go were they deserve to hell .

  15. History does not really matter. Who cares about whether Israel was Jewish owned or not 2 or 3 thousand years ago. They won their land fair and square in 1973. To the victor go the spoils. However they should be the ones to defend these spoils.

  16. It's Time for Israel to stop all negotiations and once and for all drive the Arab occupiers out of all Israeli lands including the Golan ! The philestinians are just Arabs that left their lands in other countries. Jerusalem is forever 100% Israel's.. Never again !

  17. Hussein Obama has thrown Israel under the bus since the beginning …but his ignorance on international politics has done so much harm in the world, particularly his appeasement to Islam. Israel is not alone anymore with the Muslim problem, and some today finally realize that the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has nothing to do with land.

  18. If their is one thing I can't stand is another country going to bad mouth us or our president .Take care of your own problems an stop blaming.the U S.

  19. Excessive force my ass, Israel is doing the complete opposite. I was unable to watch the video, but whoever made that statement is pure evil and a pond of Satan.

  20. God Bless Israel, and those who bless her….. Obama you spoke for yourself without asking us, as for me and my house we support Israel.

  21. Haha — the chutzpah!

    "People just take his word for it, they don't actually look at the facts."

    If people looked at the facts they'd realise what Israel really is — and what your tax dollars are being used for. Even in this videos they are playing, it's just Israelis attacking crowds of people — some Palestinians are throwing rocks, Israeli troops retaliate with assault rifles… how is everyone so blind? Even many Jews and rabbis are anti-zionist; IDF troops have come out to the media about the truth of their occupation…

  22. we the people are going to hold Obama accountable for everything he does, the problem is mainstream media doesn't say it like it is, we are not interested in the mainstreams lies and half truths, we now listen to independent news Lou Dobbs, the people of this country stand with Israel, but we are represented by a Muslim, who is bent on bringing down this country, I totally regret and repent for voting for Obama both times, how stupid of me, may we find Jesus and come back to being a Christian nation once again

  23. Being a Christian myself, I'm appalled at the actions of Zionists to grab more and more land. The most recent being the construction of a massive wall across a Christian olive farmer's land. The same wall also across the land of Christian monks of the Silesian order. The 'secular', dare I say atheist Jews (Ashkenazim) are very much controlling USA and heavily influence US foreign policy.They use the Jewish faith as a front for American Zionist hegemony in Middle East.The opposition 'Jews against Zionism' are marginalised. Even Netanyahu is a fraud and a tool of extremist right-wing Jews.His real family name is Mileskowski, Russian!

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