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Is There Rationale Behind President Donald Trump’s Tweets? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

The latest series of tweets by President Donald Trump is causing lots of criticism, but some argue that he causing the uproar on purpose.

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Is There Rationale Behind President Donald Trump’s Tweets? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. How is a person with dementia going to lead us into the future, when they can only remember the past ? Maybe it's time to stop electing 70+ yr old men?

  2. I doubt ISIS hates you Drumpf, your the best thing that happened to ISIS. Your destroying America for them, Drumpf is the greatest threat to America's sovereignty

  3. When Donna Brazile threw Hillary Clinton under the bus about controlling the DNC
    FAKE NEWS MSNBC sure did not invest a whole lot of time on that story 😂😂😂🤐🤭🤫

  4. Its long overdue time to elect 20 and 30 yr olds rather than 60+ year olds in powerul positions.

    Also people who cant be bought.

  5. Tump and his tribe will be judged very harshly by history; they will be seen as hitler's nazis where in the early 1930s. However, we must NOT forget that trump should not be the problem, the one's making the problem still be there is the entire GOP that refuses to work for the American people and for democracy. We should hold THEM accountable now.

  6. Each member of the panel is right. The rich might defect once they get their tax cuts. The religious fundamentalists, the circus lovers, and especially the Fascists will stick with him.

  7. Donald Trump is a childish, nasty, vindictive thug. Americans have revealed themselves in large numbers to be cowards, sycophantic, greedy, corrupt, bootlicking cowards to not only have elected this grotesque juvenile oaf, but to still support and condone his appalling behavior.
    The rest of the world would do well to have as little contact with the USA as possible, in fact we should be seriously considering our own form of "travel ban" on Americans. We don't need or want their anti-science, their mass shootings, their creationism, their greed. Keep them out!!

  8. Trump is POLITICAL GENIUS.  Only 3 re-tweets – and islamophiles, brainwashers and homelandophobes all around U.S.A. and U.K. are yelling outrage:  if he goes on like that,  in 2020 he'll get even more "deplorable" votes than in 2016. ( He may even help Europe to wake up, too…?).

  9. You would not make up silly excuses like this to explain Grandpa's crazy behaviour. Obviously, Tump is mentally ill.
    But the population is delusional. They pretend not to notice for political reasons.

  10. LOL. Trump is really the only thing the msm talks about. It's why they are going broke, and they can't figure it out. Trump is a genius. Tweet away Trump

  11. msnbc=TITANIC If you are still getting current events from msm like msnbc, then it is no wonder you don't have a clue as to what is actually going on. Tons of independent media sources that actually report what is really happening. MAGA

  12. If US/BP Oil had stayed out in the 50's and then a long history of unnecessary involvement, is anyone surprised that people in the Middle East are riled. As a Grandmother I've watched this go downhill for decades until now we have a cartoon version of reality.

  13. I have a fireplace in my house but I don't have the time or energy to maintain firewood. So I buy fake burning logs (6 for $15), and the firewood bundle wrapped in plastic ($6) and a bunch of branches that have fallen into the yard. I'll stoke the fire with all the cardboard boxes (pop can cases, cereal boxes, etc…). The cardboard always burns the hottest and burns out faster. Cheap garbage burns hot and fast and it stokes the base logs.

  14. Keep tweeting trump —- you have done so much in 10 months making America great again. Let the weak fake news have an emotional meltdown lol

  15. Trump is honest and right to defend the West. Regardless of disloyal, antiwhite, antichristian and immigrationist liberals. Vote Trump 2020.

  16. Trump is honest and right to defend the West. Regardless of disloyal, antiwhite, antichristian and immigrationist liberals. Vote Trump 2020

  17. ppl getting stuck in binary thinking again; Trump can be both crazy/compulsive and crazy like a fox/cunning
    most people with even severe mental illness are not ill or crazy all of the time, as trump or anyone with dementia/delusions will undoubtedly phase in and out to various degrees of awareness of objective reality and do not lose all cognitive abilities at once

  18. it matters when it leads to someone killing an MP yelling "Britain First!", it matters when someone goes into a pizzeria and shoot's it up because of "pizzagate" – LIES MATTER AND CAN LEAD TO MURDER!

  19. Just turn the country into a Psuedo-Christian economically unstable, corrupt hellhole theocracy and be done with it. I'm getting out. Don't care how long it takes me. America is not the country I want to grow old in. A critical mass of the citizenry is insane. You guys have fun with your right-wing militaristic police state.

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