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Iranian lawmakers burn American flag after US leaves deal

Members of Iran’s parliament burned a US flag and a copy of the Iran nuclear deal in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the agreement.

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  1. what a disgrace Obama is for doing this deal with Iran in the first place…Obama turns out to be shown as the Typical con man writing checks that can't be cashed.

  2. How cute; they think they're offending us! Those guys have obviously never seen an ANTIFA riot in action.

    They again, the penalty for flag burning over there is probably getting drawn and quartered. Does anyone know for sure?

  3. There's your moderate Iranian regime you know the one that Obama and John Kerry sold you as being moderate and not crazy fundamentalist religious nut cases. Good riddance to that shit fucking deal with those fucking Psychopaths!

  4. I find it ironic. Iranians burning my Countries flag doesn't make me wanna get back in the deal, Makes me glad I left it.

  5. where are those genius people " leftards " who were promoting to theory of Rouhani is moderation ?!
    U.S national falg is being willingly and openly burned inside the Iranian parliament!
    Trump's decision about U.S withdrawal of nuclear disaster is 101% in the right direction!

  6. This looks like the crazy shit that the nigger women democrats in congress would do. Although, I doubt Maxine Waters knows how to operate a childproof lighter.

  7. It seems Israel will be the first country since WW2 to use nukes and by doing so will start WW3!😏

  8. for three years Iran had that agreement, of all the money they have got not one cent was used for Iranian people. some of the money was spent for military in other countries, and rest were stolen by government agents. 80% of Iranians are happy with the decision.

  9. We should rescue all the raped child brides and abused brainwashed women in Iran and then just nuke all the sharia-law-loving subhuman muhammadan males.

  10. The world: lets make a deal with iran to remove irans power to make nukes for 10 years.

    The world: good idea

    America: No

    The rest of the world: wat do you mean no.

    America: the deal doesnt remove all the problems.

    The rest of the world: the deal prevents nukes for 10 years
    if you remove the deal iran can make nukes at this moment.

    America: Yes thats better.

  11. Guys i'm a persian but living in america and i wanna say those stupid lawmakers who did that are such fucking stupid dude which are bloodthirsty and i emphasize that iranian poor people have no role on that dirty plan so it's just a filthy system.

  12. Before i was think , America is great . But now i think it's a hell for the world environment &peace

  13. U can't deal with radicals….or nearly any religious person…dnt get me wrong I dnt think all religion is crazy but u just can't win with u people…but we gotta get along some how

  14. Now the USA has a reason to bomb Iran if they try to develop Nukes. They will do what they can to support Israel.

  15. see i dont really see why we even negotiate anymore with them. but see we just gotta keep doing it so we don't start another world war. but if they want to try hopefully the u.s would respond with the initiative.

  16. If Obama never made the treasonous Iran Nuclear deal none of this would be happening in the first place. So OBAMA is to blame not TRUMP.

  17. Very surprised CNN is not mentioning John Kerry's shadow diplomacy, colluding with the Iranians behind Trumps back, having secret meetings with Iranian diplomats in the US and abroad, after Trump had pulled out of the Iran Deal…I wonder if the fact that the Iranian government, threatened to release the names and bank documents of all the westerners, who Iran paid off, to pass the Iran Deal, if Europe doesn't apply political pressure on the US, to go back to the Iran Deal?

  18. Iran burning the American flag? So what else is new? Fuck those inbred mongrels. Like we need to give a shit about what they do.

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