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Iran Anti-Government Protests Day 8 – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

Anti-government protests are continuing in Iran for an 8th day, although it is difficult to tell exactly what’s going on due to the Iranian government’s restrictions on the Internet, cell phones, and messaging apps. Protesters are calling for economic reforms and an end to the Islamic regime of Supreme Leader Khamenei. In our LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE, we’ll do our best to bring you the latest updates on what’s going on with the protests in Iran. We’ll tell you about some new alternative forms of protests that are reportedly developing, new Iran hashtags going viral on Twitter, and more.

LIVE NOW: Iran Anti-Government Protests Day 8 – LIVE COVERAGE

LIVE STREAM: Anti-Government Demonstrations in Iran continue

Watch the LIVE BROADCAST of our coverage of the Iran protests here.

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  1. Your world is spinning in the wrong direction (assuming you are one of those dimwits that think they live on a spinning globe)

  2. MSM is waaaayyyyy too obsessed with "One Trump To Live", "Trump Hospital", "Trumps Of Our Lives", and "All My Trumps".

  3. Iranic Islamic Republic Showing its’ True-colors; black for the death of freedom, but it’s not over yet by a long-stretch. Freedom is Greater.

  4. Trump promised no regime change operations. It will help him if things just quietly die down for now. He looks good to both neocons and anti war ppl.

  5. Silent marching may be a great way to fail to get into university. The announcer needs to think a little. Ooo "hurt the economy"…maybe like Iran selling oil for Yuan and not dollars hurts our economy and pisses off the Fed? Do ya think?

  6. We are surprised to to see what nonsense you are showing….. Shame on you…. thes rallies were pro government rallies having posters of supreme leader of Iran….. You are making the peoples foolish….. These Protest were in support of Iran government….. Iran is Unitedly stand with government of Islamic Republic of Iran….
    Please see the posters of supreme leader in the hands of protesters if you have eyes functional
    , what the protesters are chanting listen if your ears are functional and you are basically ignorant……… You nonsense person want tension in Iran because whole world reject the statement of Trump regarding U Jureshlam……
    From past 3 days all rallies were held in support of government of Iran……
    Shame on you……Just propaganda nothing else…. Hahaha

  7. i really love to contribute to your efforts… I seem to keep missing your live broadcast for the reasons your already explained…

  8. What do you think would be the best or worst outcome for Persia/Iran of the demonstrations?

    My opinion is, that the best case would be a system and fundamental ideology which is based on human rights as the highest untouchable instance for all times in our society and law, we should of course get secularism and democracy, so the people can vote in a 4 years repeating election the party which will represent their beliefs! Everybody should be allowed to creat a political party when the fundamental ideology of the party doesn’t violates the human rights of the country! Lies should be condemned as crime for politicians and economics!

    Worst case is, another puppet of the west or anywhere else will be settled down as the new leaders of Persia/Iran and that the main agenda of this new dictatorship will be to benefit their masters and not the people of Persia/Iran again!
    Maryam rajavi the leader of the Iranian mujahideen could be this puppet for example!

    I hope our country will get better in future, I will try my best to help to reach this goal! Good luck to us all compatriots 🍀 we need it more than anybody else!

    Your brain is the best weapon, tell me your wishes or ideas!

  9. Has anyone seen reports of the demonstrations in ISRAEL? Thousands protesting in Tel-Aviv, something you won't see on MSM. The people have been protesting for months, they are demanding the resignation of Netahyhau because he's corrupt! I'm surprised Nikki hasn't asked for a UN security council meeting again???? Just saying?????

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