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Indians Vs U.S. Population

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  1. hey Indians should stop production of children's the population is making India a slum,.
    they should learn to control population then talk,
    by the way iam an Indian so no offence we need to control population like China

  2. U.S has very tough immigration policies atleast for Indians. Most indians that enter US enter through the legal route and are also among those who belong to the top cream of indians. Not just any random indian can make it to the USA just like that

  3. But Indians are paid 3 times less for the same jobs performed by Americans.

    That's why companies hire them…okok

    But they are also more qualified!

  4. I will 1st tell u meaning maa means mother , tere means u r and lavada means penius and the sentence is tere maa ka lavada

  5. They refuse to acknowledge that indians get to go to college for free. Not only that… The poarch creek scum indians get a birthday gift of nearly 30k. That is $30,000.00 to the dumbasses. Now these scum are requiring indian education in one private school that i know of.Too bad the Battle of Horse Shoe Bend didn't kill more of those useless waste of life.

  6. Indians have a potential of maximizing productivity relying on the given resources and considering all the other factors because of this we work more efficiently. This instinct develops autonomously if you grown up in a world of Indian philosophies, culture, and other things.


  8. I like how Indians are branded the most brilliant and educated but still this is such an unfair comparison.
    Put an american in India

    Less than 1% population.
    more educated than 90% indians.
    avg income is also more than any other Indian.

  9. Indians do not fit into American society. We have enough diversity. so stop Indian immigration. Nobody wants to get near those cumin smelling darkies who can't even
    speak English right. They may do math well but that's saying nothing. Those eat-from-hand 3rd world creeps end do not and will not ever become one of us..

  10. What Indians have is faith……very resilient….culture, tolerance and acceptance…. and yes we are not born with a silver spoon in our mouth…..Indians are not taught to hate unlike some western countries…..

  11. stop complaining about Indians
    one day even you will come to India to have a job
    Nd India is gonna help
    Mind That
    just Check the Economy of India
    it's growing and growing and growing

  12. These are the top among the Indians who can afford coming there, and I think they are escaping from India, to where there are more opportunities. Comparing them with the whole US population is pointless. I am an Indian, and to be honest, India has her fair bit of shit culture. Top among that is chauvinism, as evidenced in the comments here. And talking about absorbing other cultures and reforming, today's India wouldn't let others come here and reform their culture, the way US and Europe are doing now. Sure we absorbed other cultures centuries ago, as we were not organised into a cohesive unit – because of the caste system. But now majority of us are hyper chauvinists, the zeitgeist here is that we had a golden past and that foreigners and non-Hindu religions ruined it. We also unflinchingly believe that all the modern technologies and contraptions invented in the west were explained in our ancient scriptures. Most of us even believe that the big machine at CERN is working from the positive energy emanated by the ancient Indian statue of Navaratna installed there. Oppenheimer made atom bomb after referring the Bhagwad Gita. Our ancient Navaratna referred to the 9 planets (never mind Pluto being kicked out, as we never minded the rahu and ketu). Pushpaka vimana was ancient aircraft. Cows produce gold in their urine (Junagadh Agricultural University, Gujarat).

  13. Go to India and experience their culture and the butt crack of the world. It is miserable – beyond miserable. Their cast system makes their society a complete disaster with a whole segment of the population being invisible and left to do what they want to do like defecate on train platforms or have sex with animals in full view of others. We have all heard about all the unbelievable violent rapes and killings on the Indian public transit system. Oh, yes, that is what I want for America. And I have worked with Indians in the tech field, and the vast majority of them can not perform their jobs to any acceptable level, and in fact, they are the cause of many of the issues and technical problems that we all have to eventually deal with when websites do not work, networks fail, security breaches that expose our most sensitive information, etc. And yes, they will work endless hours to maximize their income often fixing the very problems that they have created. Oh, and yes, they do make more money than the average American due to insourcing and taking jobs that qualified Americans should be doing. And I am one of those Americans that have been severely impacted by the H-1B program which brings Indians into this country on a lottery basis which means the quality of Indians workers coming to this country is extremely low as sited by a recent Yahoo article which stated that 95% of the Indian H-1B visas could not even perform the very basic, extremely simple tasks. It is lottery system to bring people to the US in massive numbers from a third world country with substandard schools, so what should we expect? And finally, now that I am unemployed at home while searching for any type of work at this point after studying hard in computer science and engineering fields, acing all my courses, and obtaining a graduate degree, I get calls all day long from Indians telling me that I owe money to the IRS or that they need access to my computer so they can fix it. Thanks to the Indians, I have become what one would call a racist. In general, I do not like Indians given my experience with individual Indians over and over and over and over and over again along with experiencing the unbelievable things that go on in their country. Frankly, THEY are the extreme racists, and I am only reacting to what they put forth on a daily basis which clearly demonstrates who they are and how offensive they can be (not to mention their offensive hygiene should you have to work around them).

  14. This is a great video and I wish people within the Black Community will LEARN as he said! One of my best friends is Indian and successful and I've learned a lot about business success and Indian Philosophies. PAY ATTENTION BLACK COMMUNITY OR CONTINUE TO BE LEFT BEHIND!!

  15. I think immigrants are usually motivated. look at people who immigrate anywhere. If you move from LA to Stockholm, you're probably a motivated person. People move from here to China and make 6 figures because they need English teachers so bad. But people are dumb and usually bad at statistics : /

  16. It's not in the US national interest to favor foreign nationals over citizens.   The graphs do not show the illegal Indian immigration as the data exists only for the Indians that were allowed on H1 and L1 VISAs

  17. indians are hard wired to be successful our definatio of success is very different from the success of west …in addition it is enhanced by our moral value system and ofcourse the culture will often find that the second or the third gen of indians americans tend to be lazy and are not really successful.but whatever i as a indian i think all those who left india should have stayed here we need them hereb

  18. Wherever you go, You can find "Tamil" people. Once there was Lemuria continent (Submerged Kumari continent), where Ancient Tamil was spoken. And, English is rooted from Tamil, not latin. "Speech" is rooted from "peechu" in Tamil. "Attack" is rooted from "tacku" in Tamil. "Sudden" is rooted from "udden" in Tamil. But Indian Govt. is not favoring archaeology surveys in Tamil Nadu, to protect historical lies by few dominating elements

  19. The Young Turks should really do a "SPELL CHECK" before posting such videos "Bacherlor's" ??? @0.36

  20. Meanwhile white supremacists whine and cry about how there is a war on the white race as they get drunk, shoot beer cans off of fence posts, and pick at their remaining tooth.

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