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Indian Defence News:Drdo Advance Air Defence test Success,Russia offer US like Aggrement with India

Today’s Latest Indian Defence News / Indian defence Update in Hindi As Follow:Indian Defence News:Drdo Advance Air Defence test Success,Russia offer US like Aggrement with India,Coast Guard fast Patrol Vessel,Hindi

Today’s Latest Indian Defence News Headlines:-

-Made in India interceptor missile shoots down one from multiple simulated targets

-Moscow says Me too . Wants same military deal which India has with America

-India, Vietnam discuss ways to augment defence, strategic cooperation


-Malaysia may approach India for the supply of spares for Sukhoi Su-30MKM

-‘Indian flag won’t have a place in Jammu & Kashmir if Centre tinkers with Article 370’: NC MLA Javed Rana

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  1. धूद माँगोगे तो खीर देंगे काश्मीर माँगोगे तो चिर फाड़ देगें

  2. Remove article 370 or spend only J & K revenue to develop that state NOT A SINGLE RUPEE OF OTHER 28 STATES INCOME MUST NOT INVEST IN J & K , because they want all development from India and they support to Terroristan country.

  3. ye MLA Ko koi bolo.. jisdin demag pura khanak Gaya..or humne hatiyar utaya to…Jehad unki gandme daldenge..unka baap Pakistan v kuch nahi karpaya…

  4. सैल्यूट है अंश भाइ आपको क्या लताड़ा है pdp के सुअर को ।

  5. Sir plzz ek english channel bnao And let the world know India's power… It must be a way to let the world understand growing India's power… I am sure you'll get even more subscribers…. But presentations aur perfect krna usme

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