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In Tweet, President Donald Trump Accuses Pakistan Of ‘Lies’ And ‘Deceit’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

President Donald Trump threatened to end U.S. foreign aid for Pakistan Monday in his first tweet of 2018 — a move that comes amid strained ties over America’s decade-long war in Afghanistan. The panel discusses.

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In Tweet, President Donald Trump Accuses Pakistan Of ‘Lies’ And ‘Deceit’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Pakistan is the next enemy of the USA, they always 'Lies' And 'Deceit' hide Osama bin laden and takes billion dollar aid to build the military to threat USA.

  2. Oh please… be nice with mr. Trump. This is all fakenews, you know. This guys is not the President from the USA… he must be from Netherlands. So much orange… ,-) My alternative fact 😛

  3. You Americans miss one thing that places you calling them safe heaven once in history American CIA financed and equipped those people and by this you Americans destroy Pakistan social fabric. Now when Pakistan trying to pacify the situation you Americans think giving few billions dollars Pakistan again start war and throw their people in uncertain situations. No country will do this. Pakistan don’t love terrorist but one side you Americans support India who is existential threat to Pakistan and don’t miss any opportunity to harm through proxy and on other you Americans twist Pakistan hand to do what you people like. And you don’t respect and care Pakistan civilian casualties. Please put yourself in Pakistan shoes and analysis situation

  4. No body on surface can understand the consequences of terror than Pakistan because this menus killed 70 thousands Pakistani.

  5. This just unfortunate still America don’t trust Pakistan. Please don’t give aid to Pakistan but at least respect and accept the sacrifices of those 70 lives who only lost because America brought war near to Pakistan. I knew pak was a safe and peaceful country before Americans attack on Afghanistan

  6. Another year..let's change this course…..this man is going to take us to World War 3….he is clearly throwing smoke screens bombs around to cover up for his tied with Russia…if we can't see that then we should go down in flames along with him….Americans is time to wake up and change it for for family….imagine what happened in Germany and how that change that country….if that's what we want…then let it be…..we continue to harvest these politicians and millionaires….democrats and republicans..they only people they care are those who want favors for the exchange of money…..Think. if a nuclear war starts today…..where will be the shelter that you can go to protect your family? Where will you go to feed the family or yourself? Unless you think everything is going to run smoothly? Prey USA never gets an Nuclear Attack…..

  7. congratulation usa dump trump have now sad that usa leaders are fools and they lack of courage. as a pakistani iam happy to know u have a dumist leader of world

  8. Pakistan is a nuclear power and can screw US in Afghanistan and will give a middle finger to the old fart trump

  9. Once he visits Pakistan he'll be greeted with a red carpet and a great reception and he'll flip flop, he'll say Pakistan is doing a great job fighting terror and he'll give them millions again. Just like what happened in China.

  10. چول کو انگریزی میں ”ڈونلڈ ٹرمپ“ اردو میں ”نواز شریف“ اور ھندی میں ”مودی“ کہتے ھیں ۔۔

  11. Pakistan has been known as the University of Terrorism for decades .. I shocked its taken so long for the Americans to stop the free money that the Pakis have been getting … but then .. for 8 years the USA had a Muslim President ,,, supporting his muslim brothers … what a shame

  12. He,s not a good person for American people . He will ruin you as soon as possible by broking the relationship with Pakistan and others countries . His proud will ruin when he gets results

  13. All of you are being deceived Pakistan has lost more lives than NATO and US troops casualties combined in Afghanistan that is the truth. There are more pakistanis have died ever since 2002 or ever since beginning War of Afghanistan . Taliban is a creation of the United States it was created to take out Russians out of Afghanistan USA Supplied weapons to fight Russia it is Russia who is supplying weapons and militants to Afghanistan to root out Americans out of the Afghanistan.

  14. When Obama took over in 2009 the stock market was at 5500 when Obama left it was 18500 now there are idiots who will make you believe otherwise but there's a thing called chart which does not lie

  15. all the negative comments are nothing but illegal immigrants who are not getting there way, get them trump you have our support!!

  16. America during Korean war: "We can't win because the Chinese & Russians support the North Koreans"
    America during Vietnam war: "We can't win because the Viet Cong find safe haven in Laos & Cambodia
    America during Afghanistan "We can't win because Pakistan shelters the Taliban"

  17. I am a Pakistani resident. My family and friends were some of the 70000 people who died in northwest Pakistan in a non Pakistani war. Talking about aid. $33 billion is given whereas more than $123 billion is the deficit in this war.
    Can you tell me how many Americans have died in this war?

  18. I am a Pakistani and I have seen what America is doing and how it is playing a very bad game .at last when you say something to Pakistan .let me remind you no other country sacrificed 8oooo people .But pakistan did it for you .now you have hurt us .you think if you can make PAKISTAN like Syria , Yemen , Iraq ,Libya you are dreaming boys …..
    Get up and listen we love the humanity because we know what it feels when your own house brunt in front of you .we have fought the battle with the extremists and terrorists in our country .you left pakistan alone and what your mighty Army couldnot do in Afghanistan. PAKISTAN did it will little resources .
    And we as a whole nation are United and committed on a fight against terrorism and now my people are living in peace .if someone will try to mess with us .you are on …
    But lets not fight because we as a sons OF ADAM are brothers and sisters .
    Pakistanis respect every human regarding the religion , sect, colour , background .PAKISTAN WAS supposed to be the best Ally of USA on war on terror .But we still hope that USA will understand the reality and love and respect from Pakistan to USA PEOPLE .
    please don't come to fight us. Fight the Taliban that India and USA self created .
    We as the only Muslim nuclear state demands respect if not a friendship.

  19. I'm from India (neighbor to Terroristan) and I support Mr. Trump. What's up with Americans not supporting him when he's doing the right thing?

    It's one thing to be against someone's policies and another thing to be against the person and everything they do. Think for a while on which side you belong to.

  20. HIS TWEETS ARE CONTROLLING AND PLAYING THE PRESS LIKE A VIOLIN,,,AND THEY STILL DON'T GET IT. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ARE THEY BRAINDEAD??? HA HA HA.. THEY STILL GO FOR THE TWEET,,HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ITS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST YEARS ANY PRESIDENT HAS EVER HAD….. how come you guys don't know this???????? BECAUSE OF FAKE NEWS!!!! they don't want you to know just how well he has done…YOU PEOPLE ARE REALLY LOST.. its time to face the truth that all of you have been lied to by the people you support…they used you and continue to lie to you because you let them.. you don't do your own research,,,you just obey what they say no matter how ridiculous….YOU PEOPLE ARE REALLY LOST……SAD..

  21. India is fade up with Pakistan based terrorism, and only U.S. can do something about it. So Trump is going to be popular in India.

  22. Climate change is a hoax … … … Pakistan is a liar' – Donald Trump. There are signs in this for the people of intelligence.

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