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Ignatius: National Security Adviser John Bolton Is Famously A Difficult Boss | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Last week, President Donald Trump named John Bolton as the new national security adviser. David Ignatius and the panel discuss how Bolton could handle the position and more changes to Trump’s cabinet.
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Ignatius: National Security Adviser John Bolton Is Famously A Difficult Boss | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. If Trump had any love for the US like he keeps saying he has, he would step down and sort out all the issues around him.
    We know he won't, because his love for himself is greater than his love for anything else.

  2. If I were Europe, I'd be afraid.

    Bolton is a hawk, who never fought in Viet Nam, like Trump. Now we've got this man (Bolton) who is perfect for the fumbling, war lover Trump. These two are perfect for each other… dangerous. Two dictators who will frighten the world. And yet, Trump's approval rating has gone up. I really don't get it. Many evangelicals are drooling over this pick… they think that their savior is coming soon and Bolton together with Trump will speed this event up. Scary. There is a lot of craziness going on in this country. DEMS — VOTE IN NOVEMBER.

  3. Trump was against Iraq war and now he is bringing in john bolton who supports this war. This is like mad house where people come in and go without any rhyme or reason. I see Jared Kushner's plan all over this.

  4. "John Bolton scares people" – Well, rightfully so. But it looks we are going to have to wait for him to do something terrible before anything can be done about it.

  5. The danger is forcing China and Russia to retaliate with their nukes ..that is on the next chapter and Don does not read books.

  6. China has stated it will protect NK on a 1st strike by the USA. Not nice ..could quickly escalate and pollute the atmosphere as well as wipe out North and South Korea.

  7. Bolton is nothing but a horrific warmongering Zionist israeli puppet who'll lie and coerce whomever he can into war against Iran and war against any other country he or his zionist masters tell him to. This man is a horror story. No more ILLEGAL wars for Zionist israel and NO more young Americans coming home in bodybags for Zionist israel.

  8. I am very sure that John Bolton has considered if its up to him, the best solution to all problems is to exterminate all who disagree with the mighty USA.

  9. Bolton’s appointment 'a disaster for our country' Jimmy Carter……..carter should replace trump's position

  10. US President Donald Trump may have made “one of the worst mistakes” of his tenure by appointing John Bolton as his national security adviser, according to former President Jimmy Carter.

  11. Bolton is a horrible boss , he is a horrible man . Surely , he will not get a top secret security clearance

  12. I believe that this is the real cause of the bipartisan Establishment's freak out over Bolton is that he's going to flush a whole lot of people who don't want Trump to succeed out of their taxpayer provided positions of wealth and power within the permanent bureaucracy that makes up the Deep State

  13. Bolton is famously a draft-dodging coward, an Israeli-fister AIPAC dual-citizen/agent sell-out, i.e. TRAITOR…

  14. That headline is burying the lead (eventually made in the clip) – he famously supports preemptive nuclear strikes. But yes he shouts in the office too.

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