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How Trump Used Fox News To Push Seth Rich Conspiracy

Looks like Sean Hannity was just following Trump’s marching orders. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“The White House was briefed in advance about a baseless Fox News report claiming murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich provided documents to WikiLeaks, according to a new lawsuit that also alleges President Donald Trump encouraged the article’s publication.

Rod Wheeler, an ex-police detective, private investigator and paid Fox News commentator, made the allegations in a suit filed against the network, parent company 21st Century Fox, Fox News reporter Malia Zimmerman and Trump supporter Ed Butowsky.

In the lawsuit, first reported by NPR, Wheeler alleged that Zimmerman fabricated quotes as she and Butowsky worked to advance “a political agenda for the Trump administration.”

Wheeler, who said he was approached by Butowsky in February and later retained by the Rich family to investigate the murder, alleged that he never told Zimmerman he found evidence of an email exchange between Rich and WikiLeaks or that powerful entities were impeding the police investigation into the young staffer’s death in July 2016.

The erroneous claims about communications between Rich and WikiLeaks first surfaced on May 15, when a Fox affiliate in Washington, D.C., ran a report. The quotes also appeared the next day in Zimmerman’s since-retracted article on Fox News’ website.”*

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  2. Rod Wheeler didn't get played he played along as seen in all his interviews. Hannity, Wheelers, & FOX in general are all parasites.

  3. I've watched quite a number of the Seth Rich Emails videos, and they always mention how many people close to the Clintons have died untimely deaths over many years, starting back in Arkansas. Is this also right wing propaganda, I wonder.

  4. Seth Rich leak DNC documents to WikiLeaks per Julian Assange. Seth Rich was murdered per Washington DC police. Fox News makes up a story about it. TYT makes up another story about it.

  5. How about another angle to this as well: Sean Spicer was said to have met with Butowski and Wheeler, and now Spicer has resigned from the White House. Is is possible that the White House had a hint this might be coming and with Scaramucci they put on this big spectacle, having Scaramucci replace Spicer, which now makes Spicer a little less accessible. Huh?

  6. Politicon 2017, when TYT finally were sent to the stables and shot, anyone thinks this lot have any political chops now is immensely thick.

  7. If the brown buffalo told me that the sky is blue and grass is green I still wouldn't believe him. Nobody uses the words"… in other words." more than this propagandist pos!!!!

  8. I don't even like Trump but this is a complete misrepresentation of the facts and the argument. Cenk is a known liar calling others integrity into question…. hilarious.

  9. Too bad the Russian "hacking" conspiracy theory has been thoroughly debunked. The data transfer rates of the emails is now a known fact and the speed at which they were copied is physically impossible for it to have been done over the internet. Every time the brown buffalo says Russia hacked the DNC it's a lie.

  10. Wikileaks seems to think Seth Rich leaked the emails to WIKILEAKS!!! When will you guys report DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ AWAN BROS SCANDAL? Jordan reported on it but I guess it's below the main CNN I mean TYT network.

  11. Cenk, so what happened to Seymore Hersh saying that Seth Rich was DNC leaker? Where is the story that Guccifer 2.0 files were downloaded locally because they were downloaded at speed of over 30MB/sec which can't be done if they are hacked form Russia or Romania? Where is the story about Debbie Wasserman Schultz's IT guys Atwan Brothers were arrested by FBI and who stored data of about 30 Democrats on remote server and had access to Debbie's laptop and ipad passwords? So Democrats were probably hacked and didn't give a damn because they were too busy doing Russians hacked US elections bullshit.
    Where is the story Debbie harassed Capitol police to get the laptop back that was sized after Atwan brothers were arrested. Hey, Cenk where are all those stories? Why are you still pushing Russian hacking bullshit? Even Chuck Schumer has moved on, why didn't you?

  12. This is incredibly disingenuous, Wheeler is suing Fox news for misquoting him, but at the same time he says that the DC police department has been ordered not to actively pursue any leads that connect the murder to the DNC.

  13. I used to like cenk and TYT. Since the election they are just the internet version of mainstream news. He hasn't even brought up the IT scandal with wasserman shultz. Cenk is a sale out and only brainwashed morons can't see it.

  14. First off, Assange basically admitted through tweet that Seth was the source of the leaks. The fact that TYT refuses to even touch this story unless it's to point out that anyone asking questions is an idiot or an insane "conspiracy theorist",says a lot. I used to feel like TYT wasn't afraid to get down to the nitty gritty and at least question the MSM narrative, but now it feels like they are too steeped into the clique that they have become MSM. During the election Cenk was frantic to do everything he could to get HRC elected, including badgering us, degrading any 3rd partiers, and refusing to see that her presidency would have also been detrimental to our nation- instead of boosting a 3rd party, fighting against the DNC election fraud/superdelegates, or at least being objective and reporting the depth of HRCs actual crimes. Now it feels like TYT is more concerned with getting invited to big media events than questioning the narrative. What ever happened to looking at all the evidence and investigating deeper? Has TYT EVER even ONCE tried to contact Assange OR THE Rich family? I understand that the answers to these questions may be frightening, or maybe it WAS a botched robbery, but at this point TYT has made it clear that they are not interested in the truth when it comes to this subject, and have done everything they can to deflect attention from this story. YUGE disappointment.

  15. Cenk lying through his teeth. Acting like the Seth Rich ''Conspiracy'' started 2 months ago… People were asking questions over 1 YEAR AGO. Evidence is overwhelming that there was no hack. It was in fact A LEAK. But this would destroy the entire ''Russia hacked our elections'' narrative which is currently being used for political gain… Even without the fake quotes from Wheeler by Fox… The things Wheeler DID say are very relevant… but lets just ignore them… and adopt the corporate media talking points… HAVE YOU NO SHAME Cenk? You are a disgusting person.

  16. They shot him in the back. Nothing was taken. This is called murder not robbery. This is obviously an assassination.

    This guy's so cocky n full of it. It's annoying.

  17. Does everyone realize that Fox is the only conservative news out there so all you other assholes that follow CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN liberal bullshit media.. are just as idiot but worse because you're pumped more full of shit from way more sources.

  18. Are you people kidding? You know dam well Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Why do you think Assange offered a reward for information that would lead to the murderers? Seth Rich was the leaker and Assange as much as said so. You liberals are in blatant denial.

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